What’s Swipe Life?

Swipe Life is for anyone out there trying to make a connection. That might mean meeting a Tinder date at a trendy bar or swiping right on your couch at 2 a.m. in a pile of Doritos. (We don’t judge. Ever.) It’s about the (often funny) ups and downs of your dating journey, and about what you eat, see, do, wear, and spend along the way.

For tens of millions of people around the world, using Tinder is a big part of dating. Downloading Tinder for the first time is an important milestone, like your first time buying beer or, well, your first time. And we want to hear about your adventures on and off the app. Swipe Life is a place where we can tell your stories.

But like on any good date, we’ll also get a chance to talk about ourselves, right? We know that you’re going to talk about us anyway (we’re blushing), and we want to be a part of that conversation.

So pull up a chair, pour some vino (if you drink), and let’s chat. Let’s dig into what makes dating fun, what makes it funny, and what makes it messy or even heartbreaking. Let’s talk about what role online dating plays in today’s culture. We have some things to say. And we’re excited to listen.

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