We all need a little relationship advice at some point. Whether we’re single and looking or already in an established relationship, it’s important to be attuned to how we can evolve our dating lives in order to create a spark, build a lasting partnership, or keep something casual scorching hot. That’s where the cosmos come in: They can help us transform our romantic vibe and lives — if we listen to the stars. 


Your fiery nature leads you to do all the work to maintain a relationship (including making the move to ask out and set up a date with your Tinder match). Instead of always planning activities for your dates, allow the other person the opportunity to take the lead. If you let go of the reins, you might just have an eye-opening experience.


Whoa, Taurus, you move real fast when it comes to dating. This means drawing hearts around your crush’s name after a few encounters and vividly imagining your happily ever after. Before you rush into a whirlwind romance, take the time and get to know the person you’re dating better. That is to say, please don’t give them keys to your apartment after three dates.


You’re super chatty, and although that can help keep the conversation going, it can also lead to oversharing. Before you know it, your date feels like A. they already know you, B. they have heard TMI too quickly, or C. you’re thirsty for attention. Make a point to selectively share anecdotes from your personal life on the first few dates, and let them learn more about you over time.


You live your life through your emotions, which isn’t a bad thing. However, your sensitivities can lead to shyness when getting to know new people. Get out of your shell and express your views, because you’re no shrinking violet. 


We get that you’re extremely popular, but when you’re on a date, it’s important to be present. This means staying off of IG and skipping the selfies (even if they include your date). This person wants to get to know you, and if you’re wandering through the apps on your phone, that may be hard. 


Do not be afraid to break out of your comfort zone and date someone who isn’t your type or go on a mini-adventure with your crush. You don’t have to go skydiving or storm-chasing — attending an interactive play or driving a few miles out of town to check out a new brewery will do the trick. Seize the day! 


Seize the day!


Patience is a virtue, but not if it leads you to tolerate a bunch of stuff you don’t like. You don’t have to be overly agreeable to make someone like you — or suffer quietly in silence. In fact, you’ll find that a little friendly sparring will bring you closer. 


You tend to be suspicious of new people. Don’t snoop to assuage your concerns — get to know someone IRL before you do an investigative Google search and go two years deep on their Instagram. Only when you let your guard down will you give yourself the chance to open up to someone.


Let’s be real. You’re a know-it-all who sometimes doesn’t know it all. When you’re on a date, you may feel as though you have to argue to prove your point. The thing is, you don’t have to prove your point all the time. You can let your date get away with not knowing the capital of Montana. 


In order to have a good time on a date, you need to leave the work drama at the office and lighten TF up. When you meet up with someone for the first date, lead in with a light conversation before jumping into a serious discussion about the 2020 election or your Roth IRA. Maybe even start with a joke — it will soften the mood.


You’re known to instigate pointless disputes and stir the pot with others — even your dates. First and foremost, you need to accept that your date probably isn’t trying to pick a fight. They just want to have a good time with you. If you feel like being competitive, may we suggest a game of foosball?


You tend to live in a bubble, which suits your elusive vibe. When dating though, it’s necessary to strive to see people for who they truly are. Having a realistic view of them will allow you to decide whether or not there’s a real future with them ASAP instead of second guessing yourself.