Right now, we’re all relying on Tinder, texting, and FaceTime to connect with our crushes. Thumbs are atrophying and voices are hoarse, but that’s not going to stop us from trying to create a spark or keep the flame burning. 

When keeping a situationship grooving, you can expect lulls in the convo, awkward pauses, or just generally not knowing exactly what to say as your mind spirals. Is it normal to text them every second of your new daily schedule? What did they mean when they said “yup?” In order to help combat all the (second) guessing and confusion, why not start a game of “Would You Rather?” It may sound like a cop out (it’s not, everyone loves this game and so should you), but these simple questions can get the conversation flowing and help you get to know someone better. Start with this exhaustive list of chin-scratchers.

1. Would you rather only Netflix or only chill for the rest of your life?

2. Would you rather have Joe Exotic’s haircut from “Tiger King” or Edna Mode’s haircut from “The Incredibles?”

3. Would you rather always have chapped lips or always have a stuffy nose?

4. Would you rather be able to sing like Ariana Grande or be able to cook like Giada de Laurentiis?

5. Would you rather have no eyebrows or have just one on the side of your choosing?

6. Would you rather have Shrek’s voice or have Lord Farquaad’s voice?

7. Would you rather never be able to cry or never be able to laugh?

8. Would you rather have notebook spirals for hair or have notebook paper for skin?

9. Would you rather win $500 or let your best friend win $1 million? 

10. Would you rather only wear Crocs or only watch Katherine Heigl movies for the next six months?

11. Would you rather get left on read or accidentally send a screenshot of your conversation to the person you’re talking to?

12. Would you rather have to eat the whole ball of wasabi with no water every time you order sushi or never get your favorite roll again?

13. Would you rather be able to change the past or be able to predict the future?

14. Would you rather reveal your Instagram search history or make your DMs public?

15. Would you rather talk like a pirate or have a parrot on your shoulder at all times?

16. Would you rather live with your parents or never have pizza again?

17. Would you rather be able to talk to animals or be able to speak any language?

18. Would you rather date someone who ONLY texts or date someone who ONLY FaceTimes? 

19. Would you rather only follow makeup tutorial accounts or only post pictures of you in your awkward stage?

20. Would you rather go to a 10-hour-long concert of a band you hate or sit at a 10-hour-long dinner with a politician you hate? 

21. Would you rather give up social media forever or be allergic to caffeine?

22. Would you rather always have a booger or always have something in your teeth?

23. Would you rather have to always be wearing AirPods (even when sleeping) or only listen to “Bless The Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts?

24. Would you rather sit next to your most annoying coworker indefinitely or let your boss read your last text thread?

25. Would you rather only be able to watch movies on your phone or only be able to text using your TV screen?

26. Would you rather only be able to eat pasta with a spoon or only be able to eat cereal with a fork?

27. Would you rather never be able to pop any of your pimples or have to watch a pimple-popping video before every other thing you watch?

28. Would you rather be bitten by a venus flytrap or be stuck in quicksand?

29. Would you rather have “Cry Me A River” by Justin Timberlake play every time you cry or “I Think I’m In Love” by Jessica Simpson play every time you talk to someone you like?