So much dating attention is given to the warmer months. Sure, you’ve got spring flings, summer loves, and falling-for-you falls, but what about the season that shall not be named? It may be cold in much of the U.S., but assuming you’re a total masochist, there’s plenty of outdoor fun to be had.

Go see the first U.S. sunrise on Cadillac Mountain.

Bundle up, you sick freaks. Between October and March, this eastern Maine peak boasts the first view of the U.S. sunrise. Join other pain-pleasure seekers atop the blistery rock, where morning temperatures are, shall we say, rather chilly. Oh, and the main event takes place between 5 and 7 a.m., so you may need to perk yourself up with an iced coffee.

Build an igloo — and have a toast.

Be forewarned: This intimate winter date takes a bit of prep. You’ll need to carve into the snow, go approximately two feet deep, and hollow out a circle with about a 30-inch diameter. Then form and lay two dozen snow blocks to create the walls and roof of your igloo. If your fingers haven’t frozen together, you can always follow a YouTube tutorial, or you can give up and go inside like a normal person. If you do manage to build the igloo with your date, consider sitting inside on the cold, hard ground and clinking your margaritas together knowing you share a love of torture.

Go snowshoeing.

Snowshoeing is winter’s romantic stroll in the park, except much harder and more uncomfortable. Grab a couple of strap-ons (shoes, that is), and waddle your way through the trails normally reserved for weeds and poison ivy. You and your date can exchange emotional stories as light puffs of snow cover you in water, leaving you the ultimate combination of wet and cold. If you’re really lucky, your excursion will come on a cold day following a warm one, so the thin layer of once-melted snow will have turned into razor-sharp ice you can slice your leg on with every step.

Take a polar-bear dive.

And you thought letting your date see you in a swimsuit for the first time at a July pool party was uncomfortable. If you live near the Atlantic, you have the opportunity to hold hands as you charge full speed into the frigid ocean. When the water hits you, you’ll look into each other’s eyes and the whole world will seem to slow down. But really, that’s just your body slowing down your heart to try to keep you alive. The best part of this plunge is getting to warm up your blue, frozen lips after with a kiss. After all, nothing brings people together like shared trauma.

Lace up your skates.

If you really want to impress your date with your ability to withstand discomfort, take them to an outdoor ice skating rink. Rent some ill-fitting skates that will no doubt leave you with sore ankles for the next week, hold onto your date for dear life, and laugh giddily as you both collapse under the weight of your bad decisions. For a nice touch, bring along a tube of Bengay, and cutely rub it all over each other’s bruised bodies as your cool down.

Clink drinks at an ice bar.

Don’t want to be outside during the frigid months, but still want to be very, very cold? Visit your local ice bar. Orlando, Boston, Rockport, Maine, and more all boast these festive torture chambers. Order a chilled drink in an ice cup, sit in some ice chairs, and look at some ice art. Talk about getting chills!

Host an outdoor wedding.

Masochists ready to make a lifelong commitment can isolate their friends and family with the perfect outdoor winter wedding. Dance among shimmering ice crystals, set up a martini luge, and listen to your guests as they not-so-quietly ask, “Why would they do this? I mean, it’s beautiful. But I’m freezing!” To encourage mingling among your single guests, deck out the reception area with minimal space heaters, and watch people huddle for warmth.