Ah, ghosting, a tale as old as time. Maybe it’s something you did (probably not) or maybe they’re just an asshole (probably). But regardless of the reasoning behind the ghosting, should a ghostee ever reach back out to the ghoster? My inclination is always no, absolutely not, fuck no. But I’m also petty. So, for you less childish people who just want answers, these texts can bring a ghost back from the dead. Or, at the very least, give yourself a giggle. 

1. “Ghosting? Really? I thought you’d at least send a courtesy ‘fuck off’ text.”

2. “Never thought I’d say this, but you look so much cuter as a ghost.”

3. “Congrats! You’re the first person to ever ghost me. Please text ‘BOO’ to claim your prize.”

4. “Ugh, you’re so clumsy to drop your phone in a puddle and lose all your contacts! Here’s my number so you don’t have to go through the pain of searching for it.”

5. “Hey, how’s the afterlife? I always thought it would be really scary but wanted to hear it from someone who’s experiencing it.”

6. Dress in all white and take a selfie. Send them the pic with the caption, “Look, I’m you!”

7. Just send them the Spotify link to “ghostin” by queen Ari.

8. “My condolences now that you’ve passed to the other side.”

9. “Things that rhyme with ghost: most, post, host, roast, toast, coast, engrossed, diagnosed. Am I missing any?”

10. “👻< you didn’t tell me they made an emoji after you!!”

11. “Ghosting is so basic of you. Come on, you can do better.”

12. “Hey, since you’re a ghost now, will you please tell my great-grandma Pearl I say hi?”

13. “Do ghosts float like they do in the movies, or do you have little ghost feet that no one talks about? Also, how do you eat?”

14. “Making my bed and pulled out my white sheets…made me think of you 💕”

15. “Listen, if you’re gonna ghost me that’s completely fine. But I just gotta know: Is Tupac dead or alive?”

16. “Thank god you ghosted me first. I was going to do it, so I appreciate you taking that responsibility off my plate.”

17. “A poem: 

      G – Gee

      H – How cool would it be if that

      O – One person (you)

      S – Sent me a

      T – Text to prove they’re not ghosting me?”