People, it’s 2019 and you don’t have to be embarrassed to show your face on a dating app anymore nor do you owe anyone an explanation for doing so.

Meeting new people outside your work, school, or usual network can be tough, and you may find yourself yearning to go beyond your comfort zone. You aren’t required to have a deep, well-thought-out reason for downloading Tinder: You can come here when you’re waiting in line at Whole Foods, because you used up all your ammo on Fortnite and need to kill time. That’s just called being efficient with your downtime — and you can point that out to anyone that throws shade at you. 

The wrong reasons to download Tinder are few and far between. Obviously, we want genuine people on the app, so if you’re here to grow your Insta following, promote your startup, or cheat on your S.O., please GTFO. If you’re here to check out a new scene and are bringing good vibes? Welcome. You’ll fit right in. 

All six of these are totally legit reasons to download Tinder. Who gives a fuck what the haters say?

1. You’re new in town. 

You just stepped onto the scene and are looking to find your crew. Why wait for your people to find you when you can download Tinder and start making connections now? Find someone who knows all the sweet spots the city has to offer and get company at the same time. It’s a win-win. 

2. You’re just curious. 

It’s not that you’re tired of the same old faces, you’re just craving new ones. Well, they’re right at your fingertips thumbs, and there’s no time like the present to start looking around. Maybe you’ll find your old lab partner, maybe you’ll stumble on some new music, or maybe you’ll match with someone who satisfies your craving for endless witty banter — why wait to find out? 

3. You can’t sleep. 

The night is long: You’ve counted sheep, watched an entire season of “The Office,” and dusted off that novel on your bedside table you really don’t want to read. You know there’s something better out there, and you can’t resist the temptation — don’t. Download Tinder, because there’s no shame in being productive when you’re wide awake. 

4. Your friends are whack. 

Katie sucks at beer pong, Leroy talks during GoT, and you’re allergic to Sam’s new cats — you need new friends and that’s what’s up. The only thing standing in your way is being too shy to hop on Tinder and start matching with people who actually get you. You can find your people here, not to mention have a new beer pong partner in a matter of hours. 

5. Your friends are coupled up.

Your bestie’s got a new boo who has completely ruined your Sunday brunch tradition. Your roommate and his S.O. need to get a room but have chosen the common area instead. And your sister’s recent engagement to the world’s most boring architect has you rethinking your priorities. Suddenly, being coupled up doesn’t sound so bad after all. You do you, boo, and don’t let anyone hate on you for making a choice to find your little spoon on Tinder. 

6. You’re drunk. 

You’ve had a couple, you’re listening to Drake, and you’re starting to get in your feels. You’re starved for attention, but already wearing your old prom dress and in no condition to get it IRL. Fortunately, you’re on the guest list at the judgement-free zone that is Tinder. Just please don’t act like we don’t exist come morning — you’re better than that.