In October 2018, Tinder launched Swipe Life as a way to provide additional value to our existing users. Swipe Life documents the journey of being single — the highs and the lows. We publish Tinder tips, general dating advice, narratives, and videos featuring celebrities and/or Tinder users. It’s another way for those seeking human connection to engage with our brand, whether or not they are currently on the app. 

On the strategy front, we create content that targets people at different points of their dating journey. Our Tinder tips and dating advice appeal to people who are actively dating; our inspirational “cheerleading” pieces and post-breakup dating tips help those who are getting back out there; our relationship advice helps those who have started seeing someone new; and our celebrity and influencer content helps promote Tinder’s social acceptability. We know that, in their 20s, people are often on and off dating apps, and we want to help them build and maintain a relationship with our brand.

With Swipe Life, we hope to reach everyone who is young and actively dating. By growing our website and YouTube audience, we can consistently garner brand impressions for our article and video content. By creating content with influencers, we can potentially convert fans of theirs to fans of our own. Content can help us maintain our position as one of the leading dating apps in the world and the most popular among Gen Z and young Millennials.

Today, Swipe Life receives an average of 2.5 million monthly unique visits and has racked up viral hits with “Queer Eye’s” Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski

….Hannah Stocking

….Bretman Rock

…and Zane Hijazi And Matt King

The content is catching on remarkably well with Tinder’s users, though for confidentiality reasons we can’t share any specifics around in-app engagement with our content.