When we set out to build Tinder’s content engine (from scratch!), we had no interest in creating a site that served as a mere marketing platform. Our Gen Z audience is savvy, allergic to traditional advertising, and not only seeks out but is entitled to content that serves and entertains them.

Swipe Life does just that. It documents the journey of being single — the highs and the lows. While we do publish Tinder tips, we also share general dating advice, compelling narratives, and videos featuring celebrities and influencers. You don’t have to be on Tinder — or ever have been on Tinder, for that matter — to enjoy Swipe Life content.

As a lifestyle website, Swipe Life isn’t limited to dating and relationships, but this does act as our entrée into other areas of coverage. We dig into what makes dating fun, what makes it funny, and what makes it messy or even heartbreaking. We talk about what role online dating plays in today’s culture and examine topics ranging from travel to money to style through the lens of dating. 

Swipe Life’s voice is smart, friendly, warm, sometimes lighthearted, and never takes itself too seriously. It is never prescriptive, but rather creates a space for learning new things and hearing different points of our view. Our goal is to show our readers what is out there, thus equipping them with the information to make the best decisions for themselves. We strive to be inclusive by being intentional about practicing diversity in the stories we tell, the creatives we work with, and the words and images we choose. 

Here’s some of our best work — if we do say so ourselves.