Ask a college student about their favorite celebrity, and they’re more likely to cite a YouTube sensation than a Hollywood actor. With that in mind, when we launched Tinder’s content arm, Swipe Life, our goal was not only to produce high-quality, cross-platform dating and relationship content, but also to partner with our audience’s most-loved personalities to do so.

Vlog Squad members Zane Hijazi and Matt King certainly fit the bill. We initially reached out to Hijazi about a video-driven partnership and as we began planning the shoot, he was so excited that he asked King to join him on set. The pair’s real-life friendship and natural chemistry helped make “Zane & Matt React To Tinder Tips From The Internet” a slam dunk. Furthermore, both Zane and Matt use or have used Tinder, and their authenticity shines through. 

In all influencer deals, Tinder’s strategy is twofold: to engage our current audience and to attract the influencer’s audience. As such, this video was YouTube-first, and we featured a cutdown on our Instagram and posted to our other social channels. We also contracted Zane to post a cutdown to his Instagram and add a link in his bio to see the full video on Tinder’s YouTube.