In astrology, we look to the planet Venus to discover and understand our romantic inclinations. It shows us our most intimate pleasures, sentiments, what we look for in matters of the heart, and how we receive and give love. It sets the rules for how we court and want to be pursued by others — that is to say, a lot of why we Like or Nope. It also represents our confidence, which is important for sending the first message or asking someone out.

Just like you need to know your sun sign to decide which horoscope to read, learning your Venus sign — and that of your love interest — can reveal deep desires, passions, and what someone longs for in their relationships.


Venus in Aries lives to work hard for admiration, often taking on the woes and burdens of the person of their affections. You have a no-B.S. approach to love and find purpose problem solving things for others. You may sometimes feel taken for granted because you give more than you receive. Remember, all relationships require give and take; don’t overextend yourself before your generosity is reciprocated. 


Stubborn yet friendly best describes the heart of Taurus. Your bullish sentiments are known to love a good time and be downright hedonistic. Your words are seductive quicksilver that can make anyone blush. When committed, you require 100% unwavering loyalty and consistency as you do not like drama at all. Once smitten with someone you remain loyal, so long as the relationship is on your terms.


This coquettish Venus sign likes to send flirty texts and pal around with those they care about. If your Venus is in airy Gemini, you require a chatty, intellectual partner in crime who can keep up with you in every way. Never settle for those who can’t hold their own in a conversation or accept your dualistic nature. Wit and spunk are the way to your heart. 


Comfort and security are two things your tender crustacean heart craves. You’re sensitive and sentimental — also, a bit of a cry-baby. However, you’ll always emotionally show up for others and act as the cosmic “ride or die” for eternity, only pinching back when you feel like a fool in romantic endeavors. Your desires may change every few days, but your standards in love will last forever. 


Venus in Leo has a flair for D-R-A-M-A and attention. This fiery Venus sign likes to walk the red carpet, showing off their hot arm candy. If your Venus is in Leo, you long to be someone’s knight in shining armor. In return, you ask to be number-one in your partner’s speed dial and most photographed on their IG. 


Patient and understanding, Venus in Virgo demands honesty and integrity from partnerships. On a bad day, you can get into a neurotic tailspin by over-analyzing relationships and even question your recent actions toward others. You demand 100% honesty in love and will delete, block, and unfriend those who do not live up to your expectations. 


Venus in Libra tends to be a player, never wanting to be single and always keeping an eye out for the next best relationship. When committed, you woo your partners with lavish indulgences. And when you’re on the market, you take your dates to the trendiest hot spots around. Relationships are a balancing act for you, and you date those who bring out your best qualities.


Venus takes a walk on the wild side when in passionate Scorpio. Emotions intensify, as does the need for total devotion and fidelity. Your intuition will cut to the core of a person within seconds, and you will know right away if a relationship is possible based on your gut. All your heavy heart wants is a partner who will evolve with you over time. 


Venus in Sagittarius only settles down with someone who’s equally adventurous and wild at heart. They want to travel the world with their kindred spirit and philosophical doppelgänger. Your forgiving nature is complex, as you will never forget past heartaches and refuse to make the same relationship mistakes twice. 


Rigidity and practicality characterize Venus in Capricorn, who is a tough-love sea-goat. Your heart may be austere (more often than not) and rough around the edges, but you have a rarely seen sensitive side that requires intimacy and companionship from responsible, hardworking partners. When in love, you motivate your S.O. through mundane tasks and act as a cheerleader for their professional success.


Venus in Aquarius chooses to fill their cups with friendship before giving their rebel hearts away. You dream of conquering and saving the world alongside your counterpart. Making up your own romantic rules gives you a unique approach to love, and observing the actions of your crush from a distance allows you to make discerning emotional decisions around when and when not to commit.


You’re unconditionally giving to those you cherish. Finding a partner who can let you stand on your own two feet and support your fantasies will guide you to emotional fulfillment, as long as you remain genuine, realistic, see your partner for who they really are, and represent your intentions clearly.