There’s a not so fun hurdle in dating apps: the unmatch. You both Like each other thanks to good photos and interesting bios, and now it’s chat time. This is where daters engage in some witty banter, get to know each other better, and hopefully plan to meet in real life. But sometimes, a seemingly innocent response, joke, or comment can turn your match off completely. Chat is like a minefield — one little slip and you’re UNMATCHED. When someone unmatches you, they disappear from your match list completely… leaving you second guessing your chat skills. Dating is weird, so don’t take unmatching personally. (Unless, you know, you violated our Community Guidelines, in which case, take it personally.) Get in losers, we’re going to talk about the 15 times we got unmatched for no good fucking reason.

They unmatched me when…

1. I told him I would never be available for a date with 45 minutes notice.

2. I mentioned I’m a Scorpio with a Gemini rising.

3. I dropped a bomb Ron Swanson quote. #parksandrecforlife

4. I spelled her name wrong and she corrected me.

5. I joked that I’d spent the weekend thinking about existential dread.

6. I confessed the dog in my profile pic belonged to a friend.

7. She said she liked my beard, and I told her I’d shaved the day before.

8. I explained that I’d moved to Los Angeles a month ago.

9. I used two emojis to respond to a question about my job.

10. He realized I lived two subway lines away from his apartment.

11. I told her we both live in the East Village.

12. I asked him to meet up for a drink after work next week.

13. I told him I’d dyed my hair blond recently and hadn’t updated my pics.

14. I asked if they thought the “Game of Thrones” ending was disrespectful to George RR Martin’s vision.

15. I answered his WYD? With, “Burning down the patriarchy.”

Even though getting unmatched sucks, it’s ultimately saving you time. If someone will cut off all communication over a tiny chat gaffe or less-than-perfect circumstance, they’re probably the type to engage in real-life ghosting or to turn your first date into a job interview. Consider yourself lucky. And if you’re the one who is quick to tap the unmatch button over the tiniest details? Well. Maybe take a deep breath and reconsider. You could be unmatching your soulmate just because they like pepperoni and pineapple on their pizza. On second thought, no judgement. Please unmatch anyone who eats like that.