When I receive that sweetheart of a “u up?” text, I usually do one of two things: ignore it completely or ignore it and then hit the sender with a “sorry, was sleeping!” message the next morning. Let me tell you a little secret, though: I was indeed up. I just wasn’t up for what the sender may have wanted me to be up for. Look, I’m not saying what they were eager to engage in isn’t fun, but there are a lot of messages I’d prefer to receive should I be up at an ungodly hour. These 15 would all be worthy of a timely reply.

1. “U up? Just threw out my square-toed dress shoes — you were right, they are disgusting!”

2. “U up? Headed to a diner if you want to share an app sampler.”

3. “U up? I started a petition to get rid of Fig Newtons because I know how much you hate them.”

4. “U up? I Venmo’d you $300 for being a star.”

5. “U up? I just finished that podcast you recommended, and I need to talk about it.”

6. “U up? I can’t sleep and want to play a round of ‘Words with Friends.’”

7. “U up to discuss how distraught I am over RBG’s recent health issues?”

8. “U up? I ordered a large pizza to your place, already paid for. Enjoy!”

9. U up? I realize how poorly I treated you and want to present a heartfelt apology.”

10. “U up to explain something to me? I need some investing help, and I know you’re an expert.”

11. “U up? Going to order you that sweatshirt you really wanted. What size are you?”

12. “U up? Was wondering if you want to meet my friends tomorrow night?”

13. “U up? Just wanted to say I’m here to listen if you want to complain about anything at all.”

14. “U up? I’m dog sitting on Sunday. Wanna join?

15. “U up? I read that article you wrote. You are so smart and funny.”