Look, first impressions matter. You can decide a person is absolutely wonderful (or awful), but that only happens after you get to know them. On Tinder, making a good first impression means your profile — bio, pictures, anthem, etc. — needs to show you off at your very best.

The most popular Tinder users in the U.S. agree. When it comes to turn-ons and turn-offs, these six people, all of whom have earned expert status, largely point to what a potential match’s profile looks like or includes. Pro tip: Take the time to actually fill out your bio.

“My biggest Tinder turn-on would be someone who appears to be happy and confident. A lot of guys don’t smile in their pictures or ever even show their teeth, so when they actually look happy, I’m definitely more likely to Like them. Smiling for a photo… groundbreaking, right?! Turn-offs include include having just one photo, selfies from bed, the exact same facial expression in every picture, and using Snapchat filters. “ —Jordan, 28

“I can get past anything else (sloppy pictures, questionable music taste, etc.) if someone can impress me with their bio. Then, there are those with impeccable music taste. If you have a good/unique top artists list on your profile, chances are I will Like you. As far as turn-offs go, there are plenty. For starters, a lack of a bio. Also, people who describe their past experiences on Tinder in their bio make me uncomfortable. If someone had a unsatisfying past experience, it does not mean they should take precaution by placing a disclaimer on their bio. Go with a flow. Give people a chance to impress you!” —Gerald, 27

“My biggest Tinder turn-on is when a person looks like they are truly enjoying themselves in their photos and they aren’t taking Tinder too seriously. I’m attracted to the vibes a person gives off in their profile, and I try to imagine if we might have a fun time together. My biggest turn-off is when the person’s profile is very clearly not compatible with my interests. My profile says I’m vegan. I couldn’t see myself in a relationship with someone who has a bunch of photos hunting with their friends. You might as well give yourself your best shot at having similar interests as the person you Like. “ —Christina, 22

People listing negative things such as ‘no time wasters,’ or ‘no drama’ only suggest that the person writing them is both a time-waster and will be hurling plates across the room within an hour. Negativity in an opening statement is a big red flag for me. Likewise, profiles with only one picture and no or little text suggest to me that the person has something to hide. Confidence and clear, honest photos with funny but informative descriptions that give an overall idea of who this person is are definitely worth a second look and a Like.” —Adam, 32

“I Like or Nope based on the amount of pictures. If I’m attracted to someone and they only have one pic, then it really isn’t showing they want to be on Tinder. That’s a turn-off, as is using [uncool] opening lines or  aggressive come-ons.” —Ryan, 26

“If all of the photos are face only, I always Nope. And if someone won’t put in the effort to write a short little bio, they are probably either too flaky to actually make it to a first date or not smart enough to string together a clever sentence or two. Either way, it’s a Nope.” —Kevin, 29