You don’t have to spend tons of time flipping through Tinder bios to notice that there are some cliché profiles out there. If you recognize yourself (or a loved one) making any of these faux pas, we beg of you, change it up.

Blank Bios

Sure, there might be a certain cool factor within all that empty space that says, without saying, my cheekbones are so high and my hair is so perfect that I don’t need to write a single thing to get a match. But, come on, we want to know a little something about our future dates.

Driver-Seat Selfies

You have a car, or at least access to one, and that’s a good thing. But no one looks super cute strapped into a car seat, and you can’t get a flattering selfie angle because of the steering wheel. If you must take a car selfie, please pull over and unbuckle.

“Not Into Drama”

This is code for: I start drama and then blame others for reacting to it. Or: I can’t handle other people’s emotions or feelings. Writing this indicates that you are not easy to communicate with.

Hat Fishing

Maybe you look great in several different hats. Maybe you’re also hiding a receding hairline. Bald can be sexy, hiding it never is.

Going Negative

It’s perfectly acceptable to dislike astrology, politics, or sports. But please, please, please don’t use your precious bio space to tell daters what you’re not looking for. It comes off as controlling.


Whether you’re adding or subtracting a few inches to your height, shaving a few years off your age, or intentionally posting pictures from before or after a significant weight change, lying on your profile to convey you’re something other than you are is a bad idea. After all, your date will discover the truth within two seconds of meeting you, and who wants to date someone deceitful?


Ooh, this one is hard to avoid because so many editing apps have made it very easy to turn imperfections into flawlessness. But before you Facetune, see our thoughts on lying above.

Two Truths And A Lie

Who even started this? There are better conversation starters out there, and this one has been beaten to death. If you need something to say, just write out the two truths. Boom! Interesting bio without the gimmicks.

Petting An Endangered Animal

Posing with a (likely) drugged leopard or tiger cub during your vacation in Asia seemed like a good idea at the time. But now we all (hopefully) know better than to pay for the unethical treatment of animals — much less boast about it. Find a friend with a dog instead.

Smoldering Photos Only

It’s great you can work your angles — that’s a real skill that we admire. But unless you plan on spending the entire first date gazing into the distance with your chin elevated and lips slightly parted, let’s see a more relaxed and natural side of you too.

Never Been Married/No Kids

Hmm, are ex-spouses and little ones deal breakers or completely necessary information to have upfront? And if you made it into your 40s without doing either of these things, it might be a red flag that you’re ducking commitment (which is your choice to make, but there are other more upfront ways to convey that info). This reads like something out of a magazine personals ad from the early ’90s. Delete.

DM/Follow Me on Instagram

If we wanted to use Instagram as a dating app, we wouldn’t have downloaded Tinder and taken the time to upload photos and create a bio. And we’re certainly not here to up your follower count. Let’s keep it to the app we’re on please — at least until the third date.