I’m willing to bet that your screen time is at an all-time high right now. Whether that’s a result of scrolling through Instagram, texting, FaceTiming anyone who will answer, looking for matches on Tinder, or all of the above, your phone is your lifeline. And while all of these activities are (somewhat) fun, looking at the same things every minute of the day can make your peepers want to jump out of their sockets. Let’s keep those little guys in there, though, because we need them. Making your eyeballs stay put is as simple as switching up what you’re looking at — aka, zhoosing up your Tinder profile to ensure it is extremely fresh. Alright, stop begging; I’ll tell you how. 

1. Change your bio every few days.

For some people, bios are the first stop on the way to overwhelmed town. I hear you that switching it up every few days feels like a big ask, but honestly, if you’re stuck at home right now, what else do you have going on? Plus getting your creativity flowing will reap some big rewards. Not only will it give your profile a much needed lift (literally, updates catapult you to the top of your matches’ match lists), but it’ll also invite new and different messages. Case in point: It got kind of predictable receiving the same “where does one get a corn dog?” response to your “corn dog haters need not apply” bio, didn’t it? If you’re stuck on what to change it to, may I interest you in some bio options? (Psst, click the link.)

2. Swap your pics.

Same as above, but different. This is a great opportunity to give new life to those photos you never posted on Instagram. I know you have an album of unused shots with captions at the ready, so put your looks and words to good use. And in case you don’t have a trove of selfies waiting to be shared with the world, this is the perfect time to practice those photography skills. It may even motivate you to put on — dare I say — jeans. 

3. Give yourself a goal.

During this time, it is especially easy to get lazy. I’ve already given up on my puzzle, book, and self-care routines, so I’m right there with you. But challenge (this is a soft, easy challenge, not a share-yourself-doing-10-pushups challenge) yourself to message a certain number of people each day. Maybe you start with one and work your way up to five or really buy in from the get-go with 10 and work up to 15. Whatever the number, forging new connections and chatting with lots of people, whether they’re in your area or somewhere else in the world, thanks to Passport™, will 1. give you a sense of comfort, 2. give you something fun to do, and 3. give your matches a reason to compliment all of your new pics and witty bio. See what I did there 🙂 

4. Try a different opening line strategy.

You likely have a default line, whether it’s “hey” or something a little more clever (I hope), but why not try a different way in? There could be a more effective strategy you haven’t yet discovered. Implement that shit! Perhaps instead of complimenting someone’s pictures (you can still do that later), try opening with a “would you rather” question. Or if you always go the funny route, try asking them a question about something in their profile. Lean on your friends for some of their best icebreakers if you need additional inspo. I say all of that to say be yourself but, like, a better version.