With social distancing becoming the norm, meeting people is, to say the least, a little tricky. That’s why Tinder has made its Passport™ feature free through April 30 — we want to facilitate you making new connections and maintaining social interactions during this challenging time. By allowing you to temporarily change your location, Tinder Passport lets you connect with matches all over the world, no matter how far away they are. Because — louder for the people in the back — social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t still connect with people virtually. And based on recent data, you are most definitely doing just that.

By looking at data from March 27 to April 13, we learned which cities the most users are Passporting from, which cities users are “traveling” to, and which cities are frequently interacting with each other. Excuse us while we book our next “flight” to LA and see what the hype is all about.

Top Cities To Passport From:

1. São Paulo, Brazil

2. London, England

3. New York City

4. Toronto, Canada

5. Istanbul, Turkey

Top Cities To Passport To:

1. Los Angeles

2. New York City

3. London, England

4. Paris, France

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Top Cities Passporting To Each Other:

1. São Paulo, Brazil <-> New York City

2. Buenos Aires, Argentina <-> Madrid, Spain

3. New York City <-> Los Angeles

4. London, England <-> Los Angeles

5. Mexico City, Mexico <-> Madrid, Spain