You only have two options when presented with a new profile — Like or Nope — but when you stumble upon someone you know on Tinder it’s easy to freeze up. Let’s be honest: There are likely a few people that you prefer not to run into IRL or URL. You may instinctively hide and wonder, did they see me too!? Perhaps.

Lucky for you, this is Tinder, and you both have the luxury of pretending the chance run-in never happened. The only way you’ll be lured into a conversation is if you both Like each other. In some cases, it’s just proper etiquette to give your stamp of approval. Even a Super Like™ might mean nothing more than saying, “Nice to see you here too.” It doesn’t necessarily mean your barista has been eyeing you from afar for years. Stay humble.

In other cases, though, using Swipe Left™ is the only proper response. If you make a mistake, leaving you screaming with regret, you can always Rewind® with Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold unless they’ve already matched with you. In that case not even Gold status will save you from awkwardly unmatching them. And yes — they will probably know.

Without further ado, here are the most awkward people to recognize URL.

1. Your Coworkers

It’s not the colleague you do Rumble with, and it’s definitely not your coworker who’s always taking credit for other people’s work. It just happens to be the mysterious new cutie everyone’s been sweating for weeks. Sure, dating your coworker is an easy way to avoid FOMO when you’re watching everyone in the carpool lane zip by you, but ask yourself this: Is it really worth the potential work drama if things don’t work out? Only if they pack you a lunch.

2. Random Dates From Your Past

There may have been times when you’ve walked away from something only to regret it years later (miss you forever, vintage cropped flannel top). Then, there are the times — with a below average date, for example — that you walk away and mentally put something in the rubbish pile, along with your matchless socks, and never think of it again. When you encounter someone you dated before on Tinder, take a quick trip down memory lane: Are they the vintage cropped flannel that was carelessly discarded by accident? Or were they just another rogue sock?

3. Your Bestie’s New Boo

You’ve got all the deets from your pal, and you know the sudden appearance of their new boo on Tinder is highly suspicious. Take a page from the critically acclaimed show “Cheaters” and have some fun exposing them for being a two-timing trash human. IMO, there are few things worse than being cheated on, and there are few things sweeter than revenge!

4. Your Professors

It’s time to take a hard look at your age settings. Even if you’re a free spirit who believes age is nothing but a number, you may have a hard time dining out with the same person that grades your papers. Picture a life of secret meet-ups in the university staff parking lot and awkward greetings as you pass each other in the quad. Sure, it was sexy AF on “Pretty Little Liars” but in real life it’s just plain creepy.

5. People From Your Hometown

The good news about running into people from your hometown on Tinder is that you will never be subject to their political rants or asked to join them in a game of Words with Friends. Of course, lingering on their profile is fair game — you don’t want to miss out if they’ve aged into someone swipeworthy.

6. Your Own Dog

If anyone is going to profit off of the cuteness of your dog, it should be YOU. When you see a pal or an ex showing off with a cute photo of your best friend, you may feel inclined to crawl through your phone screen and retrieve your beloved pup. But don’t get too upset. You can at least find comfort in knowing they will have to admit to being dog-less every time someone Likes their profile just for your dog.