Last month, Tinder made its Passport™ feature, which allows you to connect with anyone, no matter their location, free until April 30th — we want to help you stay connected during a time of social distancing. And now that you have a digital Passport, you can go anywhere in the world. (Except for North Korea. Trust me, I’ve tried.) And like during any trip around the world, you want to make the most of your experience and explore each city. This is your opportunity to chat with people in different parts of the world who are going through the same thing as you. It’s a dose of the human connection that you’re no doubt craving. 

Being able to travel around the world without leaving your house is a new adventure with a few perks: There’s 0% chance of you getting super lost, you can bring as many liquids as your heart desires, and you won’t have to worry about the currency conversion rate. Here’s how to use Passport to make every destination memorable.

1. Spend a day in each place.  

So many places to see, so little time. Except we both know that’s not the case: Many of us have got nowhere to go IRL, so take your time digitally. Head to NYC and show some love, spend a day in Edinburgh and find out how many people have seen Nessy, or visit Jalisco and discover the secret to making tequila. Be mindful that you’re traveling to different time zones — give people enough time to match with you before you move on.

2. Update your bio.

It can be confusing to see someone thousands of miles away in your list of potential matches. Let people know you’re virtually backpacking through Asia, but your homebase is Chicago. You may also want to expand your interests to include something relevant to that region: Wanna learn about the local art scene? Or just connect with someone across the world and see what life is like on the other side? Go ahead and let ’em know. 

3. Be open-minded. 

I’ve done my share of virtual traveling. There are definitely times I find myself to be the only black person in the entire city, but that just makes me feel special. Be open-minded about new places, and don’t just travel to the spots you’ve heard of: Step into the unknown. This is the perfect opportunity for exploration and adventure, all from the safety of your home. 

4. Learn the lingo. 

Don’t expect everyone to speak your native tongue. Learn a few words and use Google Translate to help you along. You may not become fluent, but people will appreciate your effort, and you’ll learn a little bit of a new language in the process. Boredom who?

5. Be honest about what you’re looking for. 

For some people, social distancing hasn’t put a stop to dating — it’s just turned it virtual. Others may just be looking for some human interaction right now to pass the time. Both are totally cool. But the last thing we need right now are broken hearts on top of everything else. Don’t be annoying. Let people know through conversation or in your bio if you’re looking for friends or something more

6. Stay safe.

The same guidelines for IRL travel apply for digital travel. Don’t give out personal information like your Venmo handle or address. Ask questions and trust your gut. Just because you may never meet someone in person doesn’t mean you couldn’t be the victim of a crime — so use common sense and read our safety tips