We want everyone to have a good time here, but not at the expense of each other. This is a guide for all the creeps out there who don’t always realize they’re being creepy, and need to be schooled in boundaries and charm. Pardon us while we try to potentially save you from making more people uncomfortable. 

When you’re online, you get to explore another side of yourself that you don’t always reveal to your close friends or your Insta followers. That’s part of what makes online dating so great. You can try out the different shades of you, and we all have plenty to be discovered. But remember that just because you’re online doesn’t mean you aren’t in the real world: There are real people reading your bio and receiving your messages and they have real feelings. Whether you’re here to make meaningful, long-term connections or here to have a few short-term laughs, what you say and do matters. 

If you truly want to do well on Tinder, then you need to make sure you’re as far away from the creep-meter as possible. Stop doing these seven creepy things on the app ASAP.

1. Immediately asking for digits 

Frankly, we’re a little insulted over how quickly you want to leave Tinder. Asking for someone’s number right away is sus and most people don’t hand out their number like Taco Bell hands out their mild sauce. Play it cool and save the digit exchange for after you make plans or even meet up in person. 

2. Getting sexually explicit in your bio 

If you’re looking for a place to talk dirty, try getting a diary because your bio is not the place to do it. Not only is it creepy AF, but it can also get you banned. Sexually explicit content is only cool when you’ve got consent from the recipient. 

3. Insulting someone who rejected you

Sometimes things don’t work out — that’s just life, homie. When someone doesn’t want to see you for the first time or the fifth time, handle the rejection with grace, not rage. All the latter does is prove the person was right to get rid of you in the first place. Btw: This type of behavior can get you banned from Tinder. 

4. Openly discussing your racial fetish in your profile

We’re not here to judge, but we can’t say the same for everyone looking at your profile and wondering why you felt the need to let them know you’re super into black girls. That’s cool, but there’s such a thing as TMI. While you may be innocently letting the world know your preference, you’re incidentally being creepy. Please don’t fetishize our users, it’s triggering and weird. 

5. Ordering a drink for your date when they said no 

You aren’t being a hero by getting a drink for someone who already declined to have more. You’re being controlling and it’s a huge red flag. Take no for an answer in all cases because everyone prefers to be with someone who understands consent — if you do not, we strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the topic. 

6. Insisting on walking your date home

We recommend everyone to be in control of their own transportation to and from a meetup. If your date prefers to walk home alone at midnight or get in a cab, respect their decision and try not to take it personally. They’re just playing it safe. 

7. Sending too many messages 

Flooding someone’s inbox with messages isn’t romantic, it’s creepy. Show your interest in the quality of your messages, not the quantity. You can easily scare your match away by being overeager.