You match with someone on Tinder who looks pretty awesome. You do a silent fist pump in your head. Then, you type, “Hey, what’s up?” They respond, “Not much, you?”

Sound familiar? This is how a lot of conversations on dating apps begin — and end. But they don’t have to. With a few thoughtful lines, you can turn a mutual right swipe into a date and maybe even a relationship.

Lily Womble, matchmaker and founder of Date Brazen, recommends showcasing “your weirdest, most authentic self” in your Tinder messages. She suggests asking yourself the following questions, then sharing the answers with your match as a way to jumpstart your correspondence: “What’s the weirdest thing about you? What’s bringing you most joy in your life right now (honestly)? What’s an activity you are dying to try with a significant other but it might be a little… niche?”

“You’ll be keeping it 100 with yourself, you’ll repel matches who aren’t a good fit, and you’ll attract more people who are,” she says.

And, in the event that you need inspiration, here are some Tinder messages that led to first dates — and quotes from the recipients about why they were effective. Not all of them exemplify Womble’s advice, but hey, at the end of the day, they all worked. Take notes.

1. A Cheesy Pun

“Being witty was a big factor, and it paved the way for more good conversations.” —Aaliyah, 24

2. Deep Thoughts

“It showed that this person had genuinely put thought and creativity into her message. She had clearly read my profile and intuited what sort of thing might capture my curiosity. She then went above and beyond the call of duty by mentioning some plans she had for the week, which gave me a sense of not just how and when we might be able to set up our own date, but also what kind of things she enjoys spending her time doing.” —Steve, 30

3. A Basic “How’s It Goin?”

Even though just saying ‘hey’ will be too generic for some, it doesn’t always fail. Case in point: Tailor, 24, who says that she “liked that he was so chill in his first couple of messages. We hit it off right away because we were both going to school for the exact same thing over six hours away. He just happened to be driving through my town on his way to a college baseball game when we matched!” —Tailor, 24

4. A Kind Question

“His first message was one that made it seem like he genuinely wanted to chat with me, versus the typical ‘Hey beautiful’ or something like that.” —Samantha, 27

5. A Funny Observation About A Profile

“It was simple and his second line showed he had looked at more than just the first picture… It made me laugh.” —Josephine, 21

6. A Poem

“I liked that he put the effort into the limerick and was charming.” —Kate, 33

7. Expression Of Common Interests

“I really felt like we had stuff in common. He mentioned Rome, and I love Rome and Italy. Turns out, we both had been three times.” —Mandy, 27

8. Sharing Weird Synchronicities

“I liked that she and I had a lot of similar dates in our lives. She and my sister share the same birthday.” —Dave, 39

9. Friendly Banter

“I could tell by his bio, his pictures, and these messages that he was just a genuine guy who was easy to talk to, and that he was someone who had basic values that I myself take pride in. The messages after this continued to be carefree, and I felt like I could easily talk to him, which was a big deal for me, since talking to guys was something that made me very nervous at the time.” —Alyssa, 22

10. A Sincere Compliment

“I liked that his initial message was sweet and seemed sincere! We seemed to really hit it off over [Tinder] because we had the same interests and definitely had the same sense of humor.” —Stacia, 24

11. Song Lyrics

“We had the same taste in music! We actually had the same song on our profile.” —Kevin, 27

12. A Helpful Offer

“I barely responded until he offered to fix my website, and when I showed up, it was honest to god love at first sight for me.” —Laura, 29

13. A Vulnerable Confession

“He told me he got cold feet and tried to bail, and I thought it was adorable and convinced him to hang out with me.” —Maggie, 30