Words are hard! Sentences are hard! Conversations are hard! Everything is hard. This is a fact universally acknowledged, so we, kind people that we are, have decided to make, well, everything a little bit easier on you. If you’re not feeling inspired, if you’re tired, or if you’re just feeling lazy, refer to this extremely impressive list of lines to copy and paste. Then watch an incredible dialogue with your match unfold. *Magic*

1. Has anyone ever told you that you look like [insert celebrity]?

2. What’s a feeling that you wish had a word to describe?

3. On a scale of 1 to oh no, how bad was your awkward phase?

4. What’s the one thing you always say you’re going to do but never “found the time” for?

5. What’s the worst conversation starter you’ve gotten on here?

6. Dunkaroos are coming back, and I just thought you should know.

7. OK, don’t get mad, but I never watched “Game of Thrones.”

Just got a new crystal ball on Amazon 🔮 and I see us hitting it off.

8. Let’s just get this out of the way: I have drastically cut my hair since putting these photos on my profile.

9. So I’m very into conspiracy theories and I have to ask, what’s a conspiracy theory you actually believe?

10. I was just asking my friends about this, so why not ask you, too? What’s the best lie you’ve ever told to get out of an obligation?

11. I was just asking my friends about this, so why not ask you, too? What’s the worst lie you’ve ever told to get out of a date?

12. Describe your dating life in three words. Mine: [insert your adjectives].

13. Just got a new crystal ball on Amazon 🔮 and I see us hitting it off. 

14. Going off your pics from Italy, you’re into pasta. What is your preferred shape of the best carb?

15. Please don’t judge me, but I’m about to flirt.

16. I see you’re into working out 🏋🏻‍♂️ What’s a workout you’ll never do again?

17. So you’re a foodie, huh? What’s a food you’ll never eat again?

18. Only one of your favorite childhood cartoons can exist. Which one is it?

19. OK, foodie: if you could make any discontinued food item come back on the shelves, what would it be?

20. You have really good style. What trend do you hope comes back into fashion ASAP?

21. What would you give up for corona to be over?

22. What’s an item you wish existed?

What cartoon character did you have a crush on growing up?

23. Us matching is truly the greatest crossover since “The Avengers.”

24. Quarantine put me in this vulnerable position to message first.

25. Let’s start planning our 6-feet-apart dates.

26. Help! I need a new series to binge. Please, it’s urgent.

27. OK, pop culture enthusiast: Who in Hollywood do you think is overrated?

28. What’s something you just don’t understand the hype about?

29. What cartoon character did you have a crush on growing up?

30. What other languages are you fluent in besides sarcasm?

31. Weird, but you’ve been in my dreams every night. Do you have any recurring dreams that involve me?

32. You can only have Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ OR Amazon Prime. What’s your pick?

33. I think it’s important for you to know that I judge people who order fruit items for dessert.

34. What’s the best conversation starter you’ve gotten on here?

35. I’ve never seen a better bio then yours 👏👏👏 (this is where you bow).

36. I’ve been dreaming that I would meet someone exactly [insert distance] away from me ever since I was little. Guess dreams do come true 🙂

37. Going to tell my friends you wrote the songs Joe Exotic sings in “Tiger King.”

38. If you were having your favorite actor over for dinner, what would you make to impress them?

Brb, writing in my diary about the day we first met.

39. What’s something that, surprisingly, you’ve never done?

40. I just baked banana bread like everyone else in the world, I think I’ve hit rock bottom. Ideas to lift me up? 

41. Tell me an embarrassing moment from your past that keeps you up at night.

42. If you play Animal Crossing as much as I do, we might just be soulmates.

43. Ngl, your profile is the best thing I’ve seen all day (and I spend every minute on the internet).

44. If you’d like to go on a FaceTime date with me, please respond with your schedule.

45. I was trying to resist a snack rn, but here you are. 

46. This chat is about to be the best thing that’s happened to either of us…at least this week.

47. Let me guess, your senior superlative was “most likely to have the best Tinder profile.”

48. I gotta know: What’re your thoughts on Joe Exotic/Carole Baskin/that whole shitshow?

49. Brb, writing in my diary about the day we first met. 

50. Let’s get out of here. Shall we head to my Zoom line or yours?

51. Us matching = already a better love story than “Twilight.”

52. Looking for recommendations. What’s your go-to cleaning-the-house song?

53. Which is the better sleep: nap after a day in the sun (post-shower) or after waking up at the ass-crack of dawn for a flight?

54. If you had to name your go-to dance move, what would you call it?

55. For my next trick, I will need an assistant. Preferably someone like you.

56. Almost dropped my phone when we matched. Just wanted to let you know you already have that effect on me.

57. So, I make up my own conspiracy theories all of the time. What’s one you’ve made up?

58. Let’s share bad date stories. You go first.

59. Are you Doja Cat? Because all you need to do is “Say So” and we can plan our first date.

60. I like to think of myself as the platform Crocs of dating. No one asked for them, but you’re still curious enough to try it for yourself.