Don’t believe the hype — this isn’t the Jersey Shore. Not everyone on Tinder is here for a hookup. With all the connections you can make on the app, keeping an open mind is crucial. It’s like a modern day “Cheers” — there’s no booze or Ted Danson, but everyone knows your name because it’s on your profile. Yes, the connections you make here are as plentiful as they are real. 

To be clear, Tinder isn’t the place to grow your influencer status (unless your idea of being an influencer means convincing a match to watch GoT). It’s not the place to grow your business (seriously, that’s actually against our community guidelines), but it is the place to find other relatable people in your field to connect with. 

Whether you’re looking to explore the underground music scene in your town or are traveling abroad and looking to do as the locals do — we have your next connection. Here’s just a handful of the ones you can make. 

1. Celebrity 

All you have to do is be in the right place at the right time. According to this People article, there have been loads of celebs that have used Tinder. Who’s currently on the app? We’ll never tell. But even if you don’t stumble across an A-lister, all you need to do is Passport over to LA and you’ll be swimming in a pool of aspiring celebs. 

2. Best Friend

Not every romantic prospect turns out to be romantic — and that’s OK. The app might end up helping you meet some pals when you’re new in town or just sick of your coupled-up friends asking you to come over and watch “This is Us.” Who knows? You may find a connection that lasts a lifetime and doesn’t require you to delete the app — and we love that. 

3. Musician

Matching with a musician is the definition of a multi-purpose Swipe Right™. Sure, they may never love you as much as the three bands they’re currently in, but if you keep your ears open you may walk away with some pretty dope tunes. Not about that groupie life? Start scoping out your potential matches’ Spotify anthems and you’ll have a new fave playlist in no time. 

4. Casual Flame

We get it. You’re busy, and frankly, no one can predict when an existential crisis will appear, making you terrified of commitment. A casual connection is one of the best ways to explore who you are and what you want — do not take them lightly. But do tell your matches what your intentions are, because no one likes a one-sided casual affair. 

5. True Love 

No seriously, it happens. You throw a bunch of people in one place and someone’s bound to fall in love. Whether it lasts forever, a few years, or only a month, this is one connection that everyone should feel in their lifetime. And when you do fall in love? Don’t forget to give props where props are due.

6. Classmates 

The good news about stumbling upon former (or current) classmates on Tinder is that you’re less likely to be forwarded an invite to play Words with Friends or be subjected to their political rants — though if you open Pandora’s box that’s on you. Best case scenario? You message the cutie that sat behind you in chemistry and get a positive reaction. 

7. The Local Scene

Never leave home without your favorite travel buddy — on Tinder you can connect with people who can show you things in a destination you’d only know about if you lived there. Find that one dive bar that only New Yorkers go to, or have someone show you where the best quarries are around Portland. Who needs Yelp when you’ve got matches?