In life, lots of things can make or break you: your job, your friends, your style choices. On Tinder, it is, first and foremost, your bio. Along with your photos, your bio gives potential matches a first impression, and it’s key to whether they Like or Nope you, opening the door to conversation and who knows what else? So, needless to say, the stakes are high. Don’t blow it with these cringeworthy and, let’s be honest, overplayed lines. Without them, you’ll get way more matches — and hopefully some smiles, too.

1. “Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica”

We get it. You love “The Office.” So does everyone. Give this quote a rest. There are nine (nine!) seasons full of unique jokes with which to show your interest in the show. You’ll make yourself more memorable if you opt for a quote that’s a little more niche, and you’ll show that you’re a true fan. Try something from characters besides Michael, Jim, or Dwight — Creed isn’t a bad option, TBH.

2. “6’2” because I guess that matters”

Yes, some people care about height. However, some don’t. Writing this in your bio just makes

you look like a people-pleaser and will turn off those who don’t actually give two shits about how tall you are (or aren’t). If you insist on making a joke about height, try something like, “6’2” but the weather would be nicer up here with you.” And if you’re on the shorter side, which isn’t bad BTW, go for something like, “5’2” but this is the last time you’ll have to stoop so low.” If you can poke fun at yourself, you’ll be lightyears ahead of a bunch of petty tall guys.

3. “Let’s go on an adventure.”

Let’s not. I have no doubt that you have good intentions, but this is overplayed. If you want to impress someone by suggesting you’ll take them on an epic first date, know that you’re more likely to get a Like with “tell me your idea of the perfect first date” or “what’s your dream road trip? Mine is  ______.” With those lines, you’ll show your future match that you’re down for some fun while also giving them the chance to chime in with their idea of an adventure.

4. “I’m only here for the dogs.”

We both know that’s not true. Yes, there are tons of cute dogs in their owners’ pictures on

Tinder, but that’s not the reason you signed up. There are better ways to catch someone’s attention while keeping your favorite animal in mind. Opt for, “I’m down for a date at the dog park. Save me from being the person disobeying the ‘no people without dogs’ sign.” You’re keeping the dog in the equation while also showing potential matches that you want to meet up with them for a date that not only their pet will enjoy.

5. “I’m on here as a joke.”

If you downloaded the app as a joke, then why do you still actively use it? You don’t want to give people the impression that you can’t take anything seriously. If you truly did make your profile for fun, then there are better ways to get that across: “I made this profile as a joke, but now I’m looking to meet cool people” is honest but not deprecating.

6. “That’s not my baby.”

If it was your baby, you probably wouldn’t be saying anything at all, so this statement has lost its punch over the years. More and more people are trying to show their nurturing side — or at least their full selves — by including a picture with a kid they care about. If you want to show off your babysitting skills while also searching for a match, try “go to the third picture with my niece to see my sensitive side.” It’s a win-win: You make your situation clear and encourage them to look through more of your photos.

7. “If I Super Liked™ you, it was by accident.”

Congratulations: Now every time you Super Like™ someone out of sheer interest, they’ll think

you’re joking. Even if you do make the occasional mistake, putting this line in your bio comes off as insulting. If you want to comment about Super Liking™ someone without making a dig, reverse the premise with something like, “If I Super Liked™ you, it was on purpose.” Much more appealing, don’t you think?

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