When you spend hours each day flipping through online dating profiles, they start to blur together. Eventually, it can feel like you’ve seen the same face and the “yes, that is my dog” line 1,000 times. And then — hold the applause — you stumble onto something new: a bio with a fun and quirky question that makes you stop and think. 

Kate Stewart, LMHC, a couples counselor in Washington, says these types of questions are a wonderful way to get someone engaged with your profile. She likens your Tinder bio to the impression you make on a first date in that it helps you figure out if you want to keep talking to or seeing this person. “[These questions are] a type of online flirting,” Stewart says. “And flirting draws people to you.”

Think back to a boring first date. There’s a good chance you’ve been on one that was dull simply because no one bothered to ask anything more interesting than “how many siblings do you have?” 

When you’re trying to get someone engaged with your profile, you want to pose a question that will capture their attention, make them excited to give you an answer, and spark a conversation that leads to a *fingers crossed* meaningful connection. One of these 13 should do the trick.

1. “Tell me your favorite pun.”

This question is almost guaranteed to start a pun war and make your match laugh.

2. “What’s your least favorite sign?”

Lots of people are into astrology right now, and this is a much more original way in than the standard “what’s your sign?”

3. “Let’s FaceTime while binge-watching [your favorite show]?”

Simple and to the point, this question implies you are interested in a virtual date. Feel free to sub in your social-distancing hobby of choice.

4. “Tell me your favorite breakfast food, and I’ll tell you your astrological sign.” 

It’s another way to get vital information about a person’s sign, but with an extra layer of “I don’t take myself too seriously.”

5. “Yeah, sex is great, but I just want to [fill in the blank].”

This open-ended question plays on a popular meme, and it can tell you a lot about what’s important to the people you match with (or just give you a few laughs). 

6. “Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Guy Fieri?”

Guaranteed to capture the attention of any foodies with strong opinions about the spiky-haired host of “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.” 

7. “What’s your favorite scary movie?”

It’s simple but effective in sparking conversation and giving you an easy transition to “so, want to FaceTime and watch it together sometime?”

8. “Which Power Ranger were you?”

Or insert characters from a popular show from when you were a kid. Nostalgia is a powerful force. 


“Which Power Ranger were you?”

9. “What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done in public?”

Be ready for some interesting stories.

10. “If Cinderella’s shoe fit, why did it fall off?”

This is a fun way to point out your silly personality while also begging for a conversation about Disney movie plot holes.

11. “How is it possible earth is the only planet with life?”

A fun one for science nerds, this question will spark debate about the magnitude of the universe and the possibility of alien life. 

12. “Have you ever been attracted to a cartoon?”

You may be surprised how many people open up about their slight crush on Jasmine.

13. “Tell me your best dad joke.” 

Like puns, dad jokes are a guaranteed way to get your matches to laugh (and maybe also cringe), and laughter is a great first step in building a connection. 

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