Let’s agree that mastering the art of the Tinder bio is no easy task. We’ve all come across an abundance of all too recognizable and cliché versions — not to mention the cardinal sin: a blank bio — during our time on the app. With everything from bumper-sticker quotes to boring tidbits of information that don’t help us sift through potential matches (we get it — you love pizza), people fail to stick out. 

That’s why we’ve created a Tinder bio generator of sorts. Simply figure out what kind of person-on-Tinder you are, use the appropriate category as a jumping off point, and add your own unique flavor.

Travel Lovers

Yes, I love traveling. No, I wasn’t invited on that trip to [Machu Picchu/the Mayan ruins/an Egyptian pyramid] that everyone on Tinder apparently went on 😭

This bio shows potential matches that you’re a fiend for wanderlust, yearn for chasing all things off the beaten path, and probably wouldn’t mind a first date at REI. While your picture in front of Machu Picchu is, unfortunately, not going to make you stand out, poking fun at the tired trope might.

Astrology Nerds

Let’s skip the astrological small talk. Send me the Co-Star notification that most recently made you cry. Mine’s [Co-Star notification].

Beware of just stating your sun, moon and rising sign on your bio — everyone’s doing it. Go one step deeper and talk about the very real (and sometimes terrifying) culture of astrology apps.

People Who Are Proud of Their Height

[redacted] ft [redacted] in 

I hate to break it to you, but your height isn’t your personality. Don’t be the person who shares that you are 5’11” and nothing else. Instead, let the mystery intrigue potential matches to go right.


I’ll show you the back end of my website if you show me yours 😉

Everyone has a website these days. What could be more intimate than showing someone all that goes on behind the scenes — your server, your database, and of course, your code?


[Your name]’s Yelp Reviews:

“[Adjective about your personality] front of the house”

“[Adjective about what you’re like inside) dishes”

“[Adjective about what kind of partner you are] service”

Everyone likes pizza and tacos. But if you’re a foodie who wants to find someone to explore the city’s tastiest finds with, showcase your best qualities instead, and use the format of a Yelp restaurant review to convey your culinary flare.


Like me if you want to [hang out on the couch all day/order delivery again/watch a movie with my cat]. Nope me if you [ike sweaty bars that play Top 100 pop/go to apartment parties with acquaintances from college/consider your room “just a place to sleep”].

Fill in the blanks based on what parts of being a homebody most strongly resonate with you — and what sounds like pure torture. If you tend to want to stay in on a Friday night, you might as well seek out a partner who does, too.


If you tend to want to stay in on a Friday night, you might as well seek out a partner who does, too.


Just looking for someone to go to [favorite music festival] with 🎶Message me your dream lineup 🙂

If music is your love language, find yourself a match who understands your undying need to spend your weekends hula-hooping in neon lights and avoiding porta-potties. And don’t forget to use Festival Mode


[No/Yes], I [don’t /do] think PC culture is killing comedy.

Construct this sentence based on your hot take on a matter that seems to always come up amongst comedy lovers — it’s probably your best chance at finding people with the same views as you.

People Who Struggle With Dating Apps

I’m [bad to the bone/the bad boy of your wildest dreams/a bad girl/a baddie]…as in I’m very bad at this. Please message me first?

You’ve never been good at initiating, and you find dating apps to be altogether intimidating. That’s OK! Let potential matches know that about you, and find ones who have no problem guiding you through the waters.

Easygoing Individuals

Do you like eating [very popular food]? Watching [buzzy TV show]? Breathing air, mostly? You might be my soulmate!

Let people know that you are aware of the all-too-classic move of looking for a partner whose qualities are highly common and ordinary (again, we get it — you love pizza). This bio shows that you’re funny and and aren’t too picky — you’re just looking for cool people to connect with. 

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