Hello and good day to everyone to everyone who is happy 2019 is finally over.

January is a time most known for starting your resolutions. But please, let’s leave the cliché resolutions in the past. The gym? Who needs it! Vegetables? Never heard of them! Swap the stairmaster and spinach for a good old swipe session and resolve to crush the dating game. You’ll be in good company — Tinder activity reaches is the highest of the year between January 1 and February 13.

During this time — what we’ve been calling Swipe Season (trademarking that, brb) — Tinder members, on average, Like and Nope 100 more times than other similar-length time periods (translation: more opportunities to match like there’s no tomorrow.) In 2019’s Swipe Season, the total number of matches worldwide was more than 40 million higher on average. Damn, people of Tinder, we see you!

You seem to be getting the hang of it just fine, but in order to help you make even more of this most wonderful time of the year, we’re dropping some Tinder knowledge in the form of helpful tips:

1. Read the fine print.

Bios are there for a reason. Read them! People who spend more time on each profile enjoy nearly double the matches and have nearly 20% more mutual conversations than those who speed through. So slow down, and Like and Nope responsibly 👍 

2. Convey your cause.

Social causes are a growing connector on Tinder. Climate change mentions in bios alone increased 80% in the last year (get it, Greta stans). And topics like the environment, social justice, volunteering, equality, and, of course, politics, all popped in 2019. Look deeper into someone’s profile and see if they’re passionate about the same causes.

3. What’s your sign?

Don’t roll your eyes just yet — use of astrological signs in bios grew 16% on Tinder in 2019. Throw your star sign on your profile, and you might just get some (more) Super Likes™.

4. Put your personality to the test.

In 2019, more Tinder bios mentioned a Myers-Briggs personality type than called out “Game of Thrones,” Drake, and “Stranger Things” combined. This is especially good news if you’re an introvert — the three most commonly called out types on Tinder include an “I.” Extroverts, show ’em what’s up and mention your acronym.

5. Be more open-minded. 

While online dating has increased the rate of interracial marriages, some studies suggest we still bring our biases to dating.  Especially in this political climate, there’s no better time to come together. Challenge yourself to leave your biases behind and consider someone outside your type.