Whether it’s a night out with friends or a first date, half the fun of a wild night is getting ready. It’s not so much about looking a certain way, and it’s certainly got little to do with hiding my imperfections under a thick layer of makeup. I rely on my pre-going out ritual to put me in the right mindset every single time — and as it turns out, so do these seven people.

Use their routines for a dose of inspiration, and get your Prime account ready. It may just come in handy for the sage and face masks you’re about to add to cart.

Breathing & Belting

“I have the exact same ritual whether I’m going out with friends or on a date: yoga and a shower. I do about 15 minutes of breathing plus a few downward facings dogs on my floor, which helps me loosen up and shake off any residual stress from my day. Then I take a very long shower (for those wondering, yes, this does piss my roommate off) and sing whatever song I’m feeling at the moment. By the time I’m done, I’m ready to dance the night away.” – Tyler, 26

Self-Care FTW

 “I’m all about self-care these days, and I’m especially into it when it comes to setting the mood for a night out. I give myself two hours to exfoliate, do a hair mask, apply a face mask, and deeply moisturize my body before I even think about doing my makeup and hair (that’s step five). I don’t know that I look that much different, but it’s sure great for my mental state.” – Tessa, 23


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Let The Good Vibes Roll

“I’m a very spiritual person, and often when I’m getting ready to go out, I still have a lot of the day to shake off, so I do a little — don’t laugh — cleansing ritual. I clean my whole apartment and burn palo santo and sage, which are supposed to get rid of the bad vibes and bring in the good ones. It works, and it puts me in the mood to go out and embrace whatever direction the night takes me in.” – Lisa, 32

Peace Out 

“I’m completely addicted to social media, and I often find that hours of scrolling through Instagram and Facebook not only waste my time but put me in a terrible mood. It’s FOMO-central on those apps! So if I’m gearing up for a night out, I open a beer and commit to two hours without my phone. I read a book, watch a TV show, whatever it is I’m in the mood for, and don’t turn my phone back on until I’ve left my apartment. Truth be told, my friends get annoyed when I go MIA, but I don’t care. I’m in such a better mindset afterward that it’s worth it.” – Daniel, 28

Girls, Girls, Girls

“I’m a major extrovert, and I really don’t think there’s anything lonelier than getting ready for a night out all by yourself. Especially if I’m getting ready for a first date, it really helps to have a group with me to drink a little and get my mind off my pre-date jitters. The gossip is therapeutic for me, and I always leave the house (or bar or wherever we’re meeting!) in a good mood. I can’t recommend assembling your girl gang before a night out enough.” – Laura, 24

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Make A Run For It

“Nothing puts me in a good mood faster than a runner’s high, so unless it’s snowing out, I always go for a short run before a night out. When I come back, I’m almost always in my happy place — that’s key for a night out. Then I blast music while I shower and stretch (usually the “Hamilton” soundtrack, don’t judge) and head out for the night. Works every time.” – Adam, 29

Zenergize Yourself

“The best way to get in the mood is meditation and booze, full stop. If I have enough time, I’ll meditate for half an hour and then pour myself a big glass of wine. By the time I’m through with that, I’m in an equally Zen and energized place, which is perfect for any kind of night out. Once I put on a little blush and lipstick, I’m ready to rock.” – Anne, 34

Disco Nap Before The Disco

“While I’m of the mind that long naps leave you disoriented and even more tired, disco naps are another story — I’m talking 10 or 20 minutes, tops. By the time I’m done napping, I’m super energized and ready to watch an episode of “The Office.” That always makes me laugh, and laughing puts me in a great mood.” – Zach, 27