If you’re a San Francisco dweller in 2018, your conversations probably revolve around the latest apps and who got funding for their startup. While talking tech can be fun, it’s not exactly romantic — which can make San Francisco seem like it’s not the best city for dating. But SF is actually an artistic city with a lot variety, diverse scenery, and excellent food. In other words, it has endless perfect first date spots.

For those of you who live in the Bay Area and care about astrology, we’ve rounded up the best first date spots for every sign. With this list in your back pocket, the real stressor will be whether or not the amount of fog rolling in means you’ll need to take a jacket.

If You’re An Aries

Aries are suckers for entertainment, particularly if it’s funny. Opt for a sing-along at Castro Theater, Beach Blanket Babylon (the world’s longest-running musical revue), an improv show at Stage Werx Theater, or a comedy show at Cobb’s Comedy Club.

If You’re A Taurus

Tauruses are all about the classic first date, so opt for romance by grabbing dinner at Mano, a restaurant in the Hayes Valley that offers house-made pasta, pizza, and wine. If that doesn’t sounds like your thing, try out Fig & Thistle, a cozy wine bar nearby. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, go on a dancing date at the Palace of Fine Arts.

If You’re A Gemini

Geminis are adaptable people who love trying new things, especially if they’re out of the ordinary. Check out one of David Gerard’s “sleek, smart, and modern” magic shows, or see some experimental theater at The Exit. Want to eat a delicious meal while watching a show? Head to AsiaSF.

If You’re A Cancer

Cancers love home-based hobbies, but since dinner at home is typically more of a third date activity, consider taking a cooking class together instead. If you love bread (who doesn’t?), sign up for a sourdough bread-making class at Sour Flour, or get creative more creative at WorkshopSF, which offers pickle-making classes, Japanese hanging plant classes, and more.

The Best First Dates To Go On In SF According To Your Zodiac Sign

The sprinkle pool at Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco

If You’re A Leo

Hey there, fire sign! Leos love a little attention and getting all the “likes” on social media. Translation: go somewhere Instagrammable, like SF MOMA, Color Factory, or the Museum of Ice Cream. If you’d rather grab a drink or hit up a party scene, check out Charmine’s, El Techo, or Madrone.  

If You’re A Virgo

Virgos love sampling local fare, and San Francisco is bursting with farm-to-table restaurants. Try Al’s Place, Green’s restaurant, or Frog Hollow Farm’s restaurant in the Ferry Building. You’ll get delicious, local food and excellent atmospheres with all three.   

If You’re A Libra

It’s no secret that Libras are artistic, so go on a date that honors that side of yourself. Catch as classic film at Alamo Drafthouse, or check out the Walt Disney Museum to learn more about Disney’s creative process and see some of his early sketches.

The Best First Dates To Go On In SF According To Your Zodiac Sign

Hang gliding at Fort Funston, San Francisco

If You’re A Scorpio

Scorpios love an active adventure, and the mild weather makes San Francisco just the place for that. Go surfing in Pacifica, hang glide at Fort Funston, go kayaking in the bay, or bike across the Golden Gate Bridge and into Marin.

If You’re A Sagittarius

Sagittarii love the outdoors. And while yes, San Francisco is a city, it also has hikes around every corner. Land’s End and Twin Peaks are great urban hikes, but if you’re craving more nature, nearby Marin county has more scenic trails with views of the ocean. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious and want to learn more about the city, try a walking tour. Just wear comfortable shoes, because there will be huge hills.

If You’re An Aquarius

Aquariuses are known for being progressive humanitarians, so you’re most likely to enjoy a first date (and be the best version of yourself) if you’re helping others. Luckily, San Francisco is full of places to volunteer, like Project Open Hand, Friends Of The Urban Forest, and Market Street Railway. If you’re into politics, consider going to an SF-based political meetup.

If You’re A Pisces

Pisces appreciate few things more than an excellent work of art. Feed that part of yourself by heading to the San Francisco Ballet, going to a movie night at the San Francisco Symphony, seeing a play at the American Conservatory Theater, or enjoying a free concert in Golden Gate Park.