A lot of decisions go into a first date. From who should make the first move to finding an outfit that says exactly what you want to say, many of us are overwhelmed by the choices ahead of us. Could this be the thing that turns what could have been the best date of all time into a complete bomb?

One way to ease those first date nerves is to remove at least one decision from your plate. We teamed up with astrology expert and success coach Jennifer Racioppi to do just that — specifically where to hold that date based on your zodiac sign. Because when the stars align…

If You’re An Aries

As one of the fire signs, Aries are known for being courageous, optimistic, and enthusiastic. Aries don’t do well with inactivity or delays — in other words, you love being entertained at all hours of the day. For your date, consider a comedy show. Whether you see a world-famous act or a local trying to break in, you’ll probably have a great time. And if you can’t find a comedy show you can both agree on, opt for a funny movie instead.

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If You’re A Taurus 

Tauruses are famous for being patient, practical, devoted, and romantic. As an earth sign, you are grounded and always feel the need to be surrounded by love, beauty, and romance. Indulge that inkling by telling your date to meet you at your favorite local restaurant, preferably one with the best mood lighting in town. You might even consider bringing flowers, both to identify yourself and set the tone for the night.

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If You’re A Gemini 

As an air sign, Geminis are known for being gentle, curious, and adaptable. You’re likely up for anything and always ready for a good time, so you’re bound to have a blast on a theater-centric date. Whether it’s a Broadway show or something more experimental and new, you’ll probably be the first one jumping out of your seat to give a standing ovation. And if you’re lucky, your date will, too.

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If You’re A Cancer

Cancers are known for being loyal, imaginative, and sympathetic. As as a water sign, you love art and home-based hobbies. To feel happiest and most like yourself, consider inviting your date over for a home-cooked meal (assuming you already know the person pretty well — say, friends who might be turning into something more). The two of you can ease any jitters with a glass of wine or two, and your date will be appreciate the extra love that went into the meal. In the case of a first date, suggest a museum and spend a few hours appreciating — or critiquing — art together.

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If You’re A Leo

As another one of the fire signs, Leos are creative, passionate, and warm. You also tend to love being admired, and you’re a natural-born leaders who loves a good time. Consider asking your date to meet you at your favorite club or a fabulous party, where the two of you can dance the night away. Bonus points if the soirée is highly Instagrammable.

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If You’re A Virgo

As an earth sign, Virgos are loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, and grounded. You love certainty and pay close attention to detail. So make sure your date is one you know you’ll enjoy, whether that’s after work drinks or dinner at your favorite farm-to-table restaurant. Just don’t get too caught up in the details!

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If You’re A Libra

Libras are gentle souls. As an air sign, you are cooperative, gracious, and value creative expression. In planning your first date, suggest something creative, whether it be catching a new indie film, taking a walk in the botanical gardens, or visiting an art gallery. You two will have a lot to talk about afterward.

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If You’re A Scorpio 

As a water sign, Scorpios are famous for being brave, passionate, stubborn, and loyal friends. You are decisive and determined, so when planning a date, remember that you thrive in adventurous environments while ensuring your date feels comfortable, too. Float everything from skydiving to zip-lining to hitting the amusement park by your date, and see what they go for. Talk about an adrenaline rush!

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If You’re A Sagittarius 

Sagittarii love adventure. As a fire sign, you value freedom, travel, and time outside. Given that, you’re likely to have the best time on a date that includes a hike, a biking adventure, or any other means of getting out in nature.

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If You’re A Capricorn

Capricorns are earth signs and are known for being grounded as well as practical, responsible, and independent. You thrive in traditional dating environments  — think dinner and a movie over a scavenger hunt of your city.

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If You’re An Aquarius

Aquariuses are progressive, independent, fun, and love fighting for a cause they care about. You love a good conversation and tend to be very energetic and expressive. So suggest going dancing. You’ll be able to show your true flair, and if your date can keep up, you’ll know they’re a keeper.

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If You’re A Pisces

As a water sign, Pisces are gentle, intuitive, wise, and often musical. Kick things off on the right foot (and show your date what you’re into) by doing something artistic, whether that be attending a concert, getting tickets to a film festival, or sampling a painting class.