Ah, Los Angeles — the city where the sun always shines, celebrity sightings are more common than the temperature dropping below 60, and people love to complain about the traffic. But LA is more than just a metropolis where 20-somethings are trying to “make it”: It’s also a really excellent place to go on a first date.

Because the first date possibilities are almost endless, we decided to narrow them down for you and make specific suggestions based on your zodiac sign. So the next time you swipe right on someone awesome, give one of these date spots a try.

If you’re an Aries, check out Upright Citizens Brigade.

Aries love to laugh and be entertained. So when choosing a date spot, keep your love of entertainment in mind. A super-popular comedy spot is Upright Citizens Brigade (also known as UCB), but there are tons of other comedy possibilities in LA as well. Try a Loud Village Comedy show at Best Fish Taco of Ensenada, check out Chinatown Summer Nights, Cinespia, The Improv, or the ridiculously fun restaurant The Dresden, made famous by the movie “Swingers.”

And if you want to make your date a little more active, try Highland Park Bowl, which has live music and food in addition to bowling.

If you’re A Taurus, choose from any of these romantic spots.

There’s no doubt about it: Tauruses have a flair for the romantic. So if you’re a Taurus, take a stroll through the Huntington Botanical Gardens, or dine at Chateau Marmont (it has major old Hollywood glamour) or Salazar, which is right on the river.

And a couple more ultra-romantic options: Take a walk at sunset along the beach in Santa Monica (you can walk from Santa Monica to Venice), or go paddle boating on Echo Lake.

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If you’re a Gemini, it’s time to think outside the box.

Geminis are creative, experimental souls who like to think outside the box. Luckily, LA is made for exactly that. Check out Bergamot Station, which has experimental theaters and art galleries, or catch a magic show at Magic Castle. If you’re up for a Thursday night date, Silverlake Wine does fun, informal wine tastings.

And if you really want to get outside the box, see a puppet show at Bob Baker Marionette Theater.

If you’re a Cancer, cook at home — with a twist.

Cancers love home-based activities, so if your date is someone you already knew well as a friend and you’re considering giving romance a try, try cooking dinner at home — while also experiencing some of the best food LA has to offer. Pick up responsibly grown and super tasty vegetables, meat, cheese, and fish at Cookbook and get cooking.

If you’re a Leo, check out a club or classic LA party.

Leos love a good party, and you’re in luck because LA has plenty of those. Check out the Ace Hotel downtown for a daytime party, or check out A Club Called Rhonda for a quirky, fun party scene. If you want to hit the clubs, give Bootie LA a try.

If you’re a Virgo, give one of LA’s many farm-to-table restaurants a shot.

Virgos love a chill, farm-to-table vibe, and LA is crawling with those. Check out Forage, A.O.C, Sqirl, or Gjusta. When it comes to LA’s farm-to-table scene, you really can’t lose.

If you’re a Libra, don’t be afraid to get quirky.

Libras are known for being quirky, creative, and fun. LA is filled with Libra-friendly date spots, like the independent movie theater Downtown Independent, Pygmy Hippo Shoppe, or the contemporary art museum The Broad.  


If you’re a Scorpio, take advantage of LA’s beaches.

Scorpios love an adventure, so go surfing at Leo Carrillo State Park or Topanga Beach in Malibu. If you want to combine surfing with seafood (who doesn’t?) check out Zuma Beach and follow it up with a trip to Malibu Seafood.

If you’re a Sagittarius, go hiking.

Sagittarii love to be outside, and LA is the perfect place for that. Take advantage of one of LA’s many hikes like Escondido Falls, Tuna Canyon (this one is less popular, and will make for a quieter hike), or Runyon Canyon, which is great for celebrity spotting.

If you’re an Aquarius, volunteer.

Aquariuses are compassionate souls who love to give back and fight for a cause, so suggest volunteering at LA food bank, tutor kids together at Time Travel Mart, or help with an LA cleanup event.

If you’re a Pisces, check out Griffith Observatory.

Pisces love music and theater, so If you want to feel like you’re living in “La La Land,” take in the views at Griffith Observatory, see a concert at Hollywood Bowl or Santa Monica pier, or catch some good theater at Griffith Park (they have outdoor Shakespeare), Center Theater Group, The Fonda, The Rockwell, or Skylight Theater.