Ah, freshman year! The year you wear outfits you’ll most certainly regret come senior year, the year nothing matters, and the year you eat tater tots twice a day from the dining hall. (Just me? Party of one? Ok, cool.) We’re all broke, we’re all hooking up, and we all need to eat. So the only natural option is to go for some romance in one of your college’s cafs. Nothing says love like a burger wrapped in tinfoil! Here are some DHD’s you’ll go on.

1. Breakfast With An Orientation Buddy

You just finished frolicking around campus and spy a cutie with a drawstring backpack. Wait — everyone’s wearing those. Regardless, he’s hot and you’re DTH (down to hang). You get to talking before you’re dismissed for the day and he asks you to get breakfast before the orientation activity tomorrow morning! He thinks you’re cute but also probably doesn’t want to be the Steven Glansberg of pre-college.

Romance grade: B+

2. After You’ve Hooked Up

So you hook up with a regulation hottie from some first week party. Score! You wake up all kinds of rats nest/bad breath gorgeous. You stroll down to house a BEC in his sweats and slides. You talk about how hungover you both are and try not to think about tequila. You run into everyone you don’t want to see. 10/10 would recommend.

Romance grade: D

3. The Friday Night Dinner

You met through friends and he asked you to get dinner! This is a little more ~serious~ because everything is more serious at nighttime and because it’s the weekend. This is the meal version of calling instead of texting. He’s into you and wants all of the other dining hall inhabitants to know it. And when he uses his points on you, you’ll know it’s real.

Romance grade: A+++++

4. You Met In The Dining Hall

You’re behind the guy you’ve deemed “sexy sandwich guy” in line and he drops his wrapped sando on the ground. Clumsy bb. You pick it up for him and say something like, “here’s your turkey, bacon, swiss, avocado on ciabatta.” He says something like, “Thanks, I’m Greg.” The ultimate meat-cute. ‘Wich dates continue to occur on a regular basis and are your thing now.

Romance grade: A+

5. The Before Class Food Grab

On October 3rd, he asked you what day it was. From there, you embarked in a flirtship built on the foundation of saving seats, sharing notes, and snickering at the professor. And then one day, he asks you to grab some food from the caf before class. He can’t even wait 30 minutes to see your face and wants to watch you crush a buffalo chicken pizza like a queen.

Romance grade: C+