What do you normally text someone after a good date? You might have a go-to message for when you’re feeling them and want to let them know just how great it was (while remaining cool, obviously). Sometimes that comes out like, “Thanks for drinks, I had fun.” Other times, it’s more, “Thanks for meeting me. Let’s do it again soon.” But in the age of FaceTime and Zoom dates, those messages would sound kinda weird. So, what in the heck are you supposed to say to someone you met over your phone? Please allow me to suggest the following.

1. Thank you for giving me a reason to put on jeans tonight. That was fun 🙂

2. Hope you had fun despite the bad connection. I’ll move to the other corner of my 600-sq-ft apartment to get a better signal next time.

3. If you make that good of an impression over FaceTime, I can’t imagine what you’re like in person. 

4. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to hang tn. LMK when you’re free so we can do it again 🕺

5. Are you sending a cal invite for our next Zoom date or should I?

6. Should we advance to dinner next time? Aka, ordering in the same meal and watching each other chew through our phones?

7. Thank you for not making our first virtual date weird at all. Now I’m only half as nervous for our next one 🙆‍♀️

8. What’s the post-FaceTime date text equivalent of “thanks for drinks?”

9. On a scale of 1-10, how’d I do for a FT date first-timer?

10. Now that we successfully completed our first “date,” I can come clean. I had to pee the entire time but didn’t know where to put you or what to say, so I just didn’t 😂🤦‍♂️

11. Not sure what the rules are on sending a text after a FT date but here we are (*this is me trying to say that was fun).

12. Was I as awkward as I thought I was? 🙃

13. Can’t believe we FaceTimed for over an hour. I think it’s safe to say I had a good time. 

14. Hope you enjoyed me trying to get all of my flattering face angles tn 🤳

15. That was the best thing to grace my Zoom all week…You’ve got some tough competition with my coworkers and boss, so I hope you feel honored.