Well, well, well. We never thought we’d be so excited for the end of the world, but Swipe Night got us hype.

Over the course of its four episodes, millions of decisions were made, and within just a few of the first episodes, matches increased 26% and messages increased 12%, compared to a typical Sunday night. 

When it came to the — drumroll, please — finale, there were thousands of different paths available based on your choices, and 18% of you took the most common path. All paths led to eight distinct endings.

So, without further ado, here’s a peek at how everyone experienced the end of the world:

  • Most users chose the “Love for the Homies” ending (61%).
  • Next up, you guys “Got Lit With Cops” (16%).
  • 7% of you “Led Final Countdown.”
  • 6.5% of users ended up at Rico Nasty’s puppy-filled bunker.
  • 4% of Swipe Nighters chose to “Be There For A Friend.”
  • 1.3% of you adventurous souls “Braved The End Alone.”
  • Some of you “Called Family” (1.3%).
  • And the least common ending was having “Saved The World,” with only 1% of people choosing that path.

Thanks for joining us on this wild ride! We hope your Swipe Night matches lead to many more epic adventures.