When you started episode 3 of Swipe Night yesterday evening, you were warned: the end of the world is less than an hour away. Even under such pressure, you were definitive in your choices about who to trust and who to cast aside. Desperate times, friends, call for desperate measures.

Three-quarters of you ended the episode at the Urban Outfitters Cult — maybe they were having a sale? — and, in order to get there, you showed no mercy to Riverdale’s Hart Denton. Interestingly enough, the heartthrob admits that he would have had the same reaction. So much for self-preservation then.

Still, you proved a pretty trustworthy bunch, more so with friends than strangers. Eighty-one percent of you trusted Molly about the end-of-the-world bunker, but 65% of you drove right on by the hitchhiker. Gen Z-ers, you are the skeptics of the bunch — millennials were 16% more likely to stop for the hitchhiker and 17% more likely to be honest with cult members about where they were headed. (Let’s just put aside the fact that the bunker turned out to be fake in the end.)

No matter who you trusted (or didn’t), your Swipe Night choices have been helping you find like-minded prospects on Tinder: Total matches on Swipe Night are 26% higher than on a typical Sunday. There’s just one more week — and episode — until the end of the world, so tune in to the season finale of Swipe Night, available exclusively on Tinder next Sunday, October 27th from 6 p.m. to midnight.