If you haven’t heard about Swipe Night (which, unless you have been trapped in a cell-service and WiFi-free zone there’s no good reason for), let us catch you up: Swipe Night is Tinder’s four-episode interactive adventure where your choices can lead to matches. We kicked off the series Sunday evening, and it was quite the ride (for some, more literally than others).

So many choices, so little time. Really: Each episode is only available for six hours. 

Speaking of choices, you made millions of them from 6 p.m. to midnight. Damn, Swipe Night, go off! 

Ultimately, 72% of you ended at Molly’s House while lots of y’all found yourself in a car with Rico Nasty 🚘. (Seriously, we’re jealous of those who rode with her.) 

Something else that’s cool: You guys are, like, really nice. Eighty-five percent of you chose to “compliment Molly” rather than make fun of her. Not as cool: Only 55% of you chose to “save the puppy,” meaning 45% of you opted to “save Alexis.” In fact, the only difference between the top male and female path through Swipe Night was that more males chose Alexis while more females chose the puppy.

Out of everything that went down, the most heavily disputed topic has been whether, when you caught him cheating, you should have covered for Graham or spilled the beans to Lucy. Fifty-seven percent of you decided to “tell Lucy the truth,” and women were 38% more likely than men to do so. Hmm, interesting 🤔. 

Let’s see how that shakes out in episode 2, available exclusively on Tinder next Sunday, October 13th from 6 p.m. to midnight.