I don’t know about you but I love myself an epic hookup story. Seriously. Whether it’s about the time you accidentally farted mid-orgasm or that time you and that guy who very well could’ve been your soulmate made sweet love under the stars, I’m all ears. Oh, and, if the story happened to take place abroad, sign me up times a thousand because, well, every story is better when it takes place whilst traveling. If you, too, love to hear every juicy detail of a wild hookup, read along and enjoy as real college students and recent grads share their stories.

She was mostly using him for the bed, but it seemed to work out anyway.

“When I was in Spain, my friend and I stayed at a hostel owned and run by the cutest British guys. We obviously were obsessed with them, their accents, and their dreamy lives in Spain running a hostel with their best friends. We easily struck up a friendship with the owners and they offered to take us out to one of their favorite flamenco spots where locals come to sing, play guitar, and dance. The vibes were v. romantic and I ended up going home with one of the guys back to his apartment. Major score because besides the fact that he was absolutely adorable, I got to sleep in a queen-size bed instead of the tiny, twin top bunk back in the hostel. Honestly, I did it for the bed more so than the hookup. YOLO! Gotta get that beauty sleep am I right?!?”

— Felicia*

He lied about where he lived.

“I met this French guy at a club in Paris, and we went back to his apartment. I knew he lived near my host family, which was a really expensive and nice area. Once I got there, I saw only women items all over the place — super nice, expensive, and old-lady-ish things. He told me his grandma was staying with him, but from the looks of it, it was definitely his grandma’s apartment that he took me to. I decided to leave, and the next day he texted me and told me that he rented a hotel for two hours for me to meet him at. I blocked him.”

—  Lilly*

She had a crush on him from the start and they wound up together all semester.

“I went into my time in London fresh out of a breakup and ready to be single. Then I went to the American sports bar everyone goes to with my friends and immediately made eye contact with the cutest guy. We hooked up that night and were together the rest of my time abroad. So much for being single!”

— Jennifer*

He — spat on her face?

“I was on the beach in Cinque Terre, Italy around 2 a.m. I was with a guy I’d been hooking up with, watching the stars. We started to make out, then all of the sudden he pulled away, spit on my face and ran away, leaving me on the beach.

Another time, that same guy and I were in Barcelona and we got into an argument while at a club. I decided to make out with another guy because I was so mad, and I ended up getting strep throat. Karma.”

— Natalie

She had a fairytale romance with “The One.”

“I was attending Oktoberfest in Munich with my two best friends and we ran into a guy who was in their study abroad program. People talk about how time, and everything, slows down when they lock eyes with The One. I always thought the whole slow motion thing was not real. But lemme tell ya — when I first saw this guy, everything around me slowed down and became somewhat of a blur. My best friends later told me they could tell by the look on my face that I was in trouble! We hooked up several times in Munich and Prague. We kept in touch when we returned to the States and even dated a little. Things didn’t work out between us, but the memories will stick with me forever.”

— Laura

hooking up abroad

She got caught red-handed stealing his beers the morning after.

“I hooked up with a British Abercrombie model and when I woke up at the crack of dawn, I decided to peace out of there. I was studying abroad in London and poor, so I also decided to grab some beers from his fridge on my way out. I was feeling pretty great about myself, strolling out of his place with my arms full of beers that I’d use for my pregame that night. Then I realized he lived in a gated community. In other words, I couldn’t get out without his help. Very awkward.”

— Ryan*

He took her on a pretty low-budget date.

“I somehow drunkenly wound up on a ‘date’ at McDonalds with a guy who didn’t speak a word of English.”

— Tyler*

She accidentally wound up in a threesome (of sorts).

“To preface, I did a semester abroad on a ship. If you can imagine 600 college students stranded in the middle of the ocean, stuff is going to get real heated. Anywho, this story is not about me, but rather my roommate. I was having a hell of a time playing ping pong on the top deck one night and got pretty sweaty. I needed to go run down to my room and take a shower before dinner. I stripped in the middle of the room and went into the bathroom, sans towel (cause I’m a walking tornado and I leave my shit everywhere). As I’m taking a shower, I hear the thud of our dorm door against the bathroom door but I didn’t say anything cause you really can’t hear anything. Our room was positioned directly over the engine room, therefore it was looooouuudd and you couldn’t hear when the shower was going. Long story short, I jump out of the shower fast, thinking she had left, run out of the bathroom ass naked (still in a hurry, tryna get to dinner, I don’t miss meals) and to all of our surprise it turned into the most unintentional threesome you’ve ever seen. I, a naked girl, had walked in on my roommate, also naked, doing doggy-style with another one of the students on the ship, also naked. No I didn’t join in, yes I screamed and no, I didn’t make eye contact with either of them for a couple days.”

— Nicole*

She got into a love triangle with her best friend.

“I hooked up with Mark*, another American in my program my first month in France. I thought it went well, but he got a little distant after. We remained good friends and I played it off as a one time thing. Fast forward to a week before we were supposed to return home to the U.S. We’re at a bar, and Mark is super drunk and confesses that he’s been in love with me this entire semester in front of all of our friends. The next day, I couldn’t understand why my best friend was acting so weird. Turns out [she] and Mark started seeing each other right after [he] and I hooked up. I never told anyone about Mark and she never told anyone about their relationship either, but she knew I had already slept with him. I was not happy to find out I was involved in some dumb love triangle. I was also annoyed that I had traveled for a week with those two and was totally oblivious to the fact that they were fucking the entire trip. Then we all went home to America and never saw each other again. All that trouble for nothing.”

— Erika

They shared a magical night together — then she found out he had a girlfriend.

“My friends and I had a table at one of the best clubs in Barcelona when I met him. He was also studying abroad and we totally hit it off from the start. We spent the entire night dancing and talking and making out on the dance floor and, around 5 a.m., he asked me to join him for a walk along the beach. We were walking on the beach and watching the sun rise when he decides to let me know he has a girlfriend back at home. Oh, but don’t worry, this was the first time he cheated on her and he actually liked me so much that he wanted to dump her to “see where things go” with me. Let me remind you: this is after one night. I left him on the beach and never spoke to him again.”

— Jen*


*Names have been changed.

Confessions have been edited for clarity.