People are always scared to reach out to someone they’re into for fear of rejection. Duh, because rejection sucks no matter which way you slice it. But what if I told you that now is the perfect time to get in touch with the person you like? You’re probably rolling your eyes and thinking, no way in hell. That’s all, like, scary and stuff. I get why your mind went there, but in a time when all rules (except social distancing ones) are out the window, why not try something a little different? Yeah, it may be uncomfy — but if you can’t get out, at least try getting out of your comfort zone.

1. You won’t be seeing them anytime soon.

Let’s say they reject you. Sad, but it’s a possibility. No, you’re not going to feel great about it, but at least you won’t have to face them, well, face-to-face, for some time. You literally can hide your embarrassment behind a screen. And by the time you do end up in the same vicinity, it likely won’t be top of mind for either of you. Who knows? At that point, you may have 20 Tinder dates set up and moved past feelings for someone who clearly wasn’t good enough for you.

2. You won’t have to wonder.

If they don’t answer you, that’s going to hit you where it hurts. But no response is sort of a response. You won’t have to make up a story in your head that goes something like, “Oh, well maybe they read this before they went into a super long meeting, and then after the meeting they had a lot of work to get done, and then they had to rush to a workout class and from there to a birthday dinner, and it’s OK that they posted that on their Instagram and didn’t respond to me. They just totally forgot, and they’ll probably answer later or tomorrow.” Right now, there are no workout classes and no birthday dinners (Zoom parties don’t count). You don’t have to fill your brain with fake scenarios of them being busy, because they’re not (unless they are an essential worker, in which case, thank you to them for everything they do). You have just gotten clear evidence that they are a straight-up, unresponsive meanie.

3. You have a reason to check in.

It can be excruciating trying to figure out what the hell to text someone to get a conversation going. Many times, whatever you come up with ends up sounding random or forced, and makes you face palm while wondering, why did I just say that? But now, you have an actual reason to make contact: to see how they’re doing. Everyone’s exes are reaching out during the pandemic, so why can’t you extend that to someone you like but don’t have a not-so-good history with? Makes sense to me.

4. You’ll get to do what you’ve always wanted to do.

Texting all the time? FaceTiming? Watching movies together (virtually)? Check, check, and check. All of the things that you’ve been eager to do with this person for so long but may have seemed weird or too fast are now a totally normal part of our dating lives. If the other person reciprocates your feelings, you have the perfect opportunity to get to know them better, pronto. You have all of the minutes to talk and see if this “thing” might just hold up post stay-at-home orders.