I don’t know about you, but before I go on a date, this super strange thing happens. I start to worry. A lot. I try to work through every possible thing that could go wrong, thus worrying myself even more. Oh, nerves, you sly devils, you.

It’s hard to convey the exact stages of emotional turmoil I experience, so I figure I’ll try to explain my pre-date angst with a real nail-biter of a show, “Riverdale.”


Am I going to be wandering around the bar for an hour trying to find them while also looking natural and not worried at all?


What if I get hungry? Is it weird to bring a snack? Is it fair to call a Big Mac a snack?


What if I say something random and weird?


What will we chat about? Small talk is terrifying!


What if they don’t laugh at all the funny things I say?


What if it’s so loud that I can’t hear them, and I keep saying “what” until I eventually just start nodding?


What if I hate them?


Or worse, what if I love them?


What about when the bill comes? Are they going to offer to pay? Should I do the wallet reach? Money is awkward.


Are they going to walk me home? Do we hug goodbye? Side hug? Kiss? Handshake?


Am I supposed to text them tonight or tomorrow saying I had a good time if I did? *throws phone*


That wasn’t so bad. Now I just have to get through the second date. *goes to hide under the covers*

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