We make safety a top priority at Tinder, and we want you to let us know about any sus behavior you see. Not everyone has good intentions. And having tens of millions of users on the app means we’re bound to take on a few bad actors. To make our reporting process even more effective, we need everyone to know when you should report someone on Tinder and when you shouldn’t. 

Our diverse, colorful community sets us apart from other dating apps — and we love that. While you’re here, you’ll be in close quarters with people from all types of different backgrounds. Think of us as a booming metropolis with people from everywhere, kind of like NYC times 100. And think of yourselves as bonafide New Yorkers: If you see something, say something. Not only will you be protecting other users from being the victim of similar behavior, but you’ll also be our ears and eyes when we lose visibility. Help keep our community safe by reporting incidents that go against our community guidelines. 

Without further ado, here’s what you need to know about reporting. 

Do report anyone giving out or asking for financial information.

You’re here to make connections, not money, and if anyone asks you for your financial information you should let them know that — and let us know, too. We want to know if anyone is giving out personal info in their profile or asking you for yours. 

Do report harassment on and off the app. 

We take all reports of harassment seriously and so should you. But we don’t know if someone is harassing you when you take things offline. If someone sends you harassing messages, on or off the app, let us know and we’ll take it from there. 

Don’t report people who don’t message you back. 

Sometimes you don’t get a message back from someone you’ve matched with, leaving you wondering why they matched with you in the first place. Whether they lost interest, matched by mistake, or got cold feet — you’ll never know. Massage your ego by getting back out there and finding new matches instead of reporting them. 

Do report any sexually explicit content sent without your consent.

We do our best to intervene when we feel a message is inappropriate on the app, but everyone has different boundaries. If someone sends you sexually explicit content without your consent, know that you can report them to us even if you’ve taken the convo off the app. Make sure you unmatch them and block them from anywhere else they may have contacted you, too. 

Don’t report people based on their race, gender, or sexual orientation. 

Not everyone in your list of potential matches is going to look like you or have the same beliefs. If you aren’t interested in someone whether it’s because they’re black, trans, or bisexual, guess what? You can use the Swipe Left® feature to pass and move on to the next person. Trust us, the only thing you’ll be doing by reporting people based on their identity is making it known to us that you are kind of an asshole.