Unless you live in all-year-around temperate climate (we’re not jealous or anything), the recent seasonal shift has brought you square into cuffing season. During this time, we are all the more likely to seek out someone to snuggle up to during cold evenings. And with the desire for intimacy high, our sun signs have a little something to do with the type of situationship or relationship we bring into our lives — especially if we take the initiative to start Liking.


If you step away from the library or office long enough to enjoy a fun evening out, you’ll find someone who can stimulate your heart and mind at the same time. Commit to seeking a balance between your personal and professional desires, even if that means reserving time to meet someone new in your iCal.


You’ve always been a sucker for Hollywood rom-coms, and you’re putting an extreme amount of pressure on yourself to create the perfect Tinder profile with the objective of finding the “ideal” romantic candidate. Try to let go of your preconceived notions, embrace your fine self, and make an active effort to be more open-minded about who your ultimate match may be. Who knows? Maybe you’ll live happily ever after.


Your chameleon-like energy will help you shift the type of partnership you’re seeking. In the recent past, you’ve been attracted to casual flirtations, but now you’re on the hunt for a serious partnership. It will require some legwork — but so long as you trust your gut while out on dates, you’re totally down for the challenge.


It’s time to let go of past relationships and start fresh. This will require you to declaw your pinchers from former partners and focus solely on finding a new flame to keep you warm during the upcoming wintery nights. If you succeed, you’ll find a relationship that has the potential to blossom into something serious by spring. 


The key to finding your ride-or-die this cuffing season is to remain a little mysterious. Don’t overshare too quickly on early dates — give someone the chance to get to know you better at their pace. And don’t divulge all the details of your love life to your friends, whose opinions may augment your feelings. 


This year, you’ve had enough romantic confusion to last you a lifetime. And in the coming months, you’ll set the bar high for your love interests. You’re allowed to be picky with who you open up to and spend time with. When you meet someone special, which you will toward the middle of February, you won’t have to compromise on what you’re looking for.


Your approach to dating is changing. You would rather discuss politics than engage in small talk about the new Timothée Chalamet movie, and you want a partner who is at the same intellectual level as you. You have no interest in settling for anyone who isn’t — good for you.


A solo trip to a museum or gallery could lead to crossing paths with many intellectual individuals, one of whom may even rouse your passions. Don’t be shy! Ask them out for coffee. Trading artistic quips will lead to good things, thanks to your deep appreciation and understanding of each other’s minds. 


Your confidence is high now, even if your bank account is low. This means you won’t hesitate to ask out your Tinder crush, even if you don’t have the funds to spend on an extravagant date. Don’t worry about that — personality goes a long way, and your exuberance and lust for life tends to shine. 


You’re stellar at giving dating advice to friends, but you don’t practice what you preach. Over the next few months, you may discover that a relationship that once worked is losing its luster. Take your own counsel and enjoy some time being single, at least until you find someone who appreciates you.


It’s not an easy time of year to get off the couch, much less get out of your locale. But going on a wild adventure with friends to see the world will pay off. Not only will you have a blast, but you also may meet a cute prospect while you’re there. You may start looking for commitment at the end of cuffing season — until then, have fun.


You’ll enjoy the benefits of singledom for the rest of 2019, until a surprise match in the new year perks your romantic interest. Word of caution: Keep it casual. Don’t rush into the relationship. Take your time to DTR and make your own rules. Experiment in establishing boundaries and needs until the spring as you put in the time to create a relationship that works for both people.