If you’re anything like us, as soon as you meet someone new, you’re eager to know their zodiac sign. We’re especially careful to ask prospective dates about this, because we hope it can offer clues about their personality and whether we might, just maybe, be looking for the same thing. Since the zodiac can explain what we long for and how we implement those desires in the world, it’s only logical for the stars to provide insight into our relationship style of choice.

We can also use this as a tool to understand the people we date and would like to date. What do they want and need? How do they express themselves? What type of partnership works best for them? Their sign offers some very solid clues.


Aries tend to dive into relationships backward, starting off hot and heavy, then backpedaling toward more casual affairs. They often find themselves in on-again, off-again relationships and aren’t afraid to use arguments to keep the spark alive.


When it comes to relationships, the bull prefers to be the one calling the shots, as they like to be in control. They also detest arguing, too much of which can be a deal breaker for them. Taurus requires a partner who is predictable and reliable — they’ll never fully trust someone who shocks and surprises them on the regular. 


As the most relationship-oriented sign of the zodiac, Gemini requires a partner who doubles as a best friend and won’t leave their side. They need intellectual stimulation and communication in order to feel confident in a partnership, and an S.O. who is and sees them as their equal. 


Cancer can be distant within relationships at first, as their protective crustacean shell safeguards their tender hearts. With time though, the tough crab will want to grab on to their supportive partner forever. They take a traditional stance on dating, even placing a time frame on how the relationship should unfold. They also expect a monogamous commitment from a partner, even if they themselves have a wandering eye. 


Leo loves to be center stage, and that holds true in their romantic relationships. Leos demand relationships that they can control and often act as the dominant force in the partnership. They require loyalty and prefer monogamous relationships. They may be inclined to test out open relationships, but will see it as a competition for their lover’s affections, which will please their egos (only if they win). 


Virgo will engage in a LDR for years and remain happy FaceTiming nonstop with their partner in lieu of of touching or interacting with them IRL. When they really like someone, they are willing to invest no matter how far or close they live, as long as they are being treated with TLC.


Libra gives their all in relationships and, in return, asks their partner to make all the hard decisions. They tend to be indecisive about mundane, everyday things and take on a passive role in romance. Although they hold on tightly to love and only leave once they meet another potential partner, they have no interest in holding back on flirting with people on the side.


Scorpio isn’t afraid of intimacy and once they set their hearts on someone, they give the relationship 100%. A superficial and casual arrangement won’t cut it for them. Contrary to astrological folklore, Scorpio thrives in committed and passionate long-term relationships right from the get-go, never straying away. 


Sag only engages in unique, edgy, and fearless relationships that push the envelope. As lovers of life, they prefer to keep every situationship super casual, chill, and light. They prefer to steer clear of emotional drama and only wish to engage the occasional philosophical debate. Once the party stops being enjoyable, the archer will gallop onto a new relationship. 


While Capricorn is a dependable earth sign, they tend to be drawn to relationships that are a bit erratic. The loyal sea goat likes to be the rock who is able to guide their partner through turbulent times. A relationship must progress steadily through all the traditional stages of courtship for them to feel secure, and 100% commitment is a prerequisite. 


The water-bearer places greater importance on friendship than on an intense romantic connection with their partner. Aquarians prefer open, drama-free relationships with aloof partners who will never question their intentions or emotions. If the foundation of a relationship isn’t on their terms, they’ll simply run away.


This mystical sign longs to attract a discerning and calm partner who can keep their daydreams in check. Pisces swim toward relationships where the other party is the responsible one, because they need grounding romantic energy to moderate their sensitive emotions. They dive right into monogamy but will test the waters with others when they feel confined.