Life happens and things don’t always go as you’d hoped. I, for example, was looking forward to eating copious amounts of pineapple and poké beachside in Kauai this month, but COVID-19 had a different agenda. It, like a natural disaster, has left all plans that involve normal ways of life in its path of destruction. 

In its path? Your future relationship (or so you thought). Perhaps, while in isolation, you met someone. Someone who filled your days with flirtatious texts and witty banter. Someone you were looking forward to meeting IRL when it became safe to do so. Someone you thought might actually be “it.”

But, again, life is unpredictable. Statistically (read: personally) speaking, one in five plans actually come to fruition. And, unfortunately, your plan for things to progress with this potential new boo of yours falls on the wrong side of those odds. Maybe they say something that completely turns you off. Or maybe upon that highly anticipated face-to-face meeting, you discover that the chemistry just isn’t there. What now?

I live by the rule that certain people enter your life for reasons and seasons.

If you’ve dated at all, you know that disappointment is part of the process. It may feel different this go round, but that’s because the circumstances are Twilight Zone-level bizarre. I’m willing to bet the reason why you feel extra bummed is because you spent more time getting to know this person than you have others in the past. It’s also important to remember that time is now officially a social construct that should be ignored. Sure, you spent a month or two talking, but in quarantine time, that could be two hours or two years. Either way, that period is just a tiny speck, a mere sentence in your rich, Pulitzer-winning autobiography. Think about it in those terms, and you might just start to feel better.

I live by the rule that certain people enter your life for reasons and seasons. As faux philosophical as this may sound, it can help when trying to make sense of your quarantine bae disappointment. So, maybe they’re not the one. There are 7 billion other people on this planet who aren’t either — you should be familiar with coming to this realization by now. However, did they teach you something new? Did they make you laugh? Did they bring you some type of joy during a very dark time? Keep you (digital) company while in isolation? If you answered “yes” at any point of this inquisition, then it’s time you stop thinking about it as a loss. They had a reason, and now their season is over. 

Aren’t you curious to know what’s next? Then, it’s time to get back out there (figuratively speaking — however, if it’s safe and your local government approves, then I suppose literally, too). Before you know it, your quarantine boo will be a distant memory. 

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