There’s no denying breakups can be stressful. Add a dash of rage, a touch of sadness, and some new baggage to unpack (emotional and, in many cases, all your physical belongings), and you’ve got yourself a recipe for some serious life transitions. But before you succumb to the breakup blues, remember, it’s not all bad. Your life just got better in at least seven ways.

1. There’s more room for you…everywhere.

Reclaim the inside, outside, and middle of your bed, take over the bathroom in the mornings, and spread out on the sofa post-work. You are once again the dictator of your home — as you should be.  

2. You can be wheat-forward once again.

You know you hate GF pasta, and now you never have to eat it again… nor do you have to secretly wonder if your partner’s gluten allergy is nothing but a trendy imposter.

3. Single gets what single wants.

Gone are the days of a rogue Netflix queue and gone are the days of someone eating up the last of your precious avocados. Your purse or backpack just got its bar stool back, and all is right in the world again.  

4. You get to rediscover who you are.

Want to casually drink vino in bed, take on a new project, or land a new boo? It’s all about you. Get to know yourself on a deeper level, and don’t be surprised if you end up Super Liking yourself.

5. There’s less daily conflict.

There’s no denying that a breakup means one less person to bicker with. Now, you can focus on a more important conflict: proving to Amazon that its last delivery attempt was a sham.

6. You can revamp your look just for you.

Grow an ironic mustache, invest in that pricey tattoo you know you’ll love in 20 years, or finally commit to bangs. You and your Insta feed just got a makeover.

7. There’s suddenly more cash flow.

Believe it or not, you may have some additional funds post-breakup. Since you don’t have to spend extra money on your electricity bill or groceries, and there’s more than enough toilet paper to go around (finally), you can afford the finer things in life: top shelf booze.