Astrological compatibility is may just be the great dating deal breaker of our time. Well, maybe that’s a little strong, but it is becoming increasingly common to exchange zodiac signs before or during a first date. Apps like Co-Star and the Pattern even allow people to connect with a potential partner and determine their compatibility before getting too involved. 

While some zodiac signs are known to be outrageously compatible, common wisdom tells us that some pairings should be avoided at all costs. However, compatibility isn’t based on sun signs alone, but also your moon and rising signs. Even then, it’s not the be all and end all.

Astrologers believe that those with incompatible signs can have a healthy, long-term relationship if both people are understanding and tolerant of a partner’s different needs, traits, and interests. “Love always trumps astrology,” says astrologist Lisa Stardust. “Further, even the worst pairings have more in common than meets the eye. All relationships are challenging, but it’s the challenges that allow us to work together and grow together.” According to astrologers, here’s how you and your least compatible signs can actually end up being a match. 

Aries and Cancer

Aries are extremely straightforward and want to have complete control in most situations. Cancers, who are highly sensitive, may be offended by this behavior and resent their Aries partner for it. Plus, both signs lack focus and cut conversations short, rarely solving the issue they’re discussing.

“This pairing may have tension inherent to it, but tension creates passion, and we all need passion in order to stay interested for the long haul,” says Jessica Lanyadoo, host of Ghost of a Podcast and author of “Astrology for Real Relationships.” “Aries, you may have to soften your delivery, and Cancer, you may have to be more verbally direct about what’s going on for you, but these are good qualities to cultivate in yourself anyway.” 

Taurus and Libra

Tauruses value comfort and rely heavily on their sense of taste and touch. Libras, while ruled by the same planet, rely heavily on their eyesight and sense of smell. This makes it difficult for these signs to understand what the other wants and can create a false sense of neediness. Libras are also very flirtatious, even when in a relationship, which can break trust with a cautious Taurus. 

“Both of these signs are diplomatic, romantic, and love to enjoy the sensual things in life,” says Lanyadoo. “The key [for this pairing] is not to prioritize getting along over getting real. Cultivating honest ways of addressing conflicts and working on being more direct about the things that matter most to you as a team will create a reliable foundation for lasting compatibility.” 

Gemini and Scorpio

Popular and social Geminis are known for their carefree personalities and inability to make decisions. They can come across as superficial to super private and reserved Scorpios, who, unlike Geminis, are known to be very intense and emotional.

“Nothing is more important to Gemini than their interest staying peaked, and Scorpio is as enigmatic as they come,” says Lanyadoo. “Yet both have a willingness to dive into topics that are considered taboo and to explore all aspects of a thing, which can make for memorable adventures and a shared life that feels like their own. They both need a fair amount of autonomy, but as long as there is open communication and clear agreements, it’s all good.” 

Cancer and Sagittarius

It’s rare that a Cancer and Sagittarius will even be attracted to each other. A Sagittarius is born to flirt and seduce everyone they cross, even when they’re not necessarily attracted to them. Cancers are emotional, sensitive, and loyal, all characteristics that cause them to be turned off by a flirtatious Sagittarius.

“But when they cultivate a dynamic that makes Cancer feel loved and prioritized and that allows Sagittarius to feel free to be spontaneous, these signs can have a dynamic, sexy, and fun relationship,” says Lanyadoo. “The key is to be willing to be totally honest and have awkward conversations when needed.”

Leo and Capricorn

Leos like to live on the edge. Capricorns, who tend to be more traditional and value structure, see Leos as all over the place, and a relationship, much less sharing space, can become very chaotic for these polar opposites. That said, the two can learn a lot from each other.

“If a Capricorn wishes to evolve and transform, then a Leo can help them see their potential,” says Stardust. “In return, a Leo needs to learn to not rely on a Capricorn to take care of all the small details of daily life — paying bills, picking up their dry cleaning, etc. Both like success, riches, and fame, so if they choose to help each other become the baller of their dreams, a Leo and a Capricorn can succeed.”

Virgo and Aquarius

Both Virgos and Aquariuses are known for overthinking things, but that’s where the similarities end. Virgos are often practical, worried about their health, and value a clean space. Aquariuses aren’t, which makes them appear irresponsible and chaotic to Virgos. 

The idea that the two signs are sexually incompatible, however, is a myth — Aquariuses are simply more open about their desires. “These signs get a kick out of each other and laugh at their quirky thoughts and ideas,” says Stardust. “They are both celestial observers, so they appreciate the details and tender care in each other that other signs take for granted. They also mirror each other’s emotions and affections, which run deep due to their intellectual understanding of each other.” 

Libra and Pisces

Trust and communication suffer between this unusual air and water pairing. Libras are turned away by Pisces’ tendency to display their interest, however innocent, in other people. Meanwhile, Libras have a strong need to feel liked by everyone, a characteristic that Pisces perceive to be a result of lacking confidence. Plus, Libras want the people around them to be cheerful, and some Pisces find comfort in allowing themselves to be a bit forlorn one moment and happy the next.

Though they may butt heads, “both see the world as a blank canvas, allowing them to paint their own reality,” says Stardust, “They both relate to the world through their artistic visions, which is why they actually get along very well.” 

Scorpio and Aries

Scorpios and Aries lack emotional connection because one is ruled by water while the other is ruled by fire. Aries shatter Scorpios’ feelings while Scorpios wear Aries out. Yes, this pairing can bring out the worst in both people because their energy moves in two different directions, but Stardust actually likes the signs together. “Both are ruled by Mars, so they have an innate understanding of the other, and both are action-oriented,” she says. “Aries inspires Scorpio to succeed, and Scorpio helps Aries carry out their visions. This is a couple who will be the other’s ride or die and stay committed through thick and thin.”

Sagittarius and Taurus

Sagittarii are known to move fast and be extremely malleable and fiery, while Taurus is the slowest sign of the zodiac. Taurus are also pretty cautious when entering a relationship, whereas Sagittarii become infatuated and fall in love quickly and for the short term. 

“Finding common values in community and friendships [goes] a long way to bridging the gap between adventurous Sagittarius and tradition-loving Taurus,” says astrologist Dayna Nuckolls. “Shared activities encourage them to involve their relationship in something bigger than them.”

Capricorn and Gemini

Capricorns can appear as boring and old-fashioned to social and mobile Geminis, whereas Geminis lack of depth can be seen as uncontrollable by Capricorns. Their different preferred activities and lifestyles can result in an incompatible duo, as one will often become frustrated with the other when deciding how to spend time together. 

However, if two people are interested in a relationship where they very much maintain separate lives, it can work. “Gemini and Capricorn’s common need for space allows them to approach their differences in a nonjudgmental way,” says Nuckolls. “Travel is the perfect way to magnify their commonalities when they’re ready to come together. Let Gemini choose the place and activities, and Capricorn will organize the hell out of it, making it a fulfilling time for all.”

Aquarius and Taurus

These two signs come from different worlds. Aquarius values freedom and spontaneity while Taurus puts a premium on grounded behavior and stability. Tauruses display a slow and tender nature, while Aquariuses are unpredictable and unusual. An Aquarius rarely feels guilt while a Taurus is known to self-criticize. In other words, these two just don’t have much in common. 

Both of these signs can be intense, but that doesn’t mean they can’t work, says Nuckolls. To do so, they need to find a way to coexist without pressuring the other person to join in their activities of choice. “Tackling special projects together will bring out the best of Taurus’ and Aquarius’ dogged determination to stay the course — and that goes for their relationship, too,” she says.

Pisces and Leo

While Pisces and Leo both represent love, Pisces are known to give and do anything for their partner while Leos care more about their own advancement and wellbeing. Leos are open and direct, both characteristics that could offend sensitive Pisces and lead to miscommunications if they aren’t careful.

“Romance and mutual praise will encourage this pair to feed their bond in ways that can overcome their many differences,” says Nuckolls. “This pair might do well to assume clearly defined roles in the relationship as it will provide them both with a sense of security in [the form of] clear expectations.”