Mercury in retrograde is almost here, and no one is safe. Beginning on October 31st — as if Halloween needed to get any spookier — and lasting until November 20th, the planet that governs our communication, thought process, and technology will appear to be moving in backward motion. AKA, it’s going to stir up some confusion with the way we talk (don’t hit send on that text quite yet!), resurrect our exes, and probably be responsible for our laptops crashing. 

Mercury is currently in Scorpio, adding intensity to all of our dealings (just our luck) and offering us a chance to revisit issues that we haven’t exactly finished working through. That “backward” motion in the sky can even make us think about bringing past flings back into our inner circles. But before you cave and slide into your exes’ DMs, consider how the planet of communication will affect your sign over the next few weeks. 


You’re always eager to talk about yourself, Aries, but you might be struggling to share some of your deeper emotions this retrograde. Disclosing your vulnerabilities and authentic self with a S.O. or love interest is terrifying, and this season only brings more challenges with intimacy. But, alas, this is the skill for you to master during this phase. It’s time to evolve your partnerships — potential S.O.s won’t last long if you never dive deeper.


It’s cuffing season, and we know you’re eager to settle down. Unfortunately, miscommunication is in the air. It’s necessary to be upfront about what you want, but make sure to approach the topic with care. Asking someone to be exclusive is one thing, but declaring your love when you haven’t DTR-ed is another. Take it one step at a time.


You love dating and meeting new people — you’re the open book of the zodiac. But this retrograde, you’re feeling selective. It’s time to ask yourself: How will a romantic prospect fit into your daily life? Make sure you’re selecting a potential S.O. who can keep up with your schedule and fits naturally into your routine — and let’s not forget, your unmatched high energy levels.


We see your phone’s blowing up. Who is it? None other than your ex. Mercury retrograde is notorious for bringing former flames back into our lives, and this retrograde you’re an ex-magnet. We all might have run-ins, but for you, it will feel nonstop. It’s up to you how to respond, but Mercury in Scorpio is giving you some extra sex appeal, so regardless of what you decide, keep on Liking new prospects, too.


Your home and family life are front of mind this retrograde, and you might find yourself wanting to introduce a special someone to the important people in your life. Don’t jump into the deep end so fast, though. Start with inviting them to meet one person, like your sister, instead of the whole gang. It might be easier for your S.O. to manage that way. 


Mercury is your ruling planet, which means Mercury retrograde will hit you especially hard. You’ll find that your intentions aren’t aligning with your communication style — there’s room for every thought and opinion to be misconstrued. Even shooting the shit isn’t safe. It’s definitely a time to draft texts in your Notes and wait a few minutes before hitting send.  


Over the next few weeks, retrograde may have you overspending and overindulging. You’re eager to hit the town, and going on multiple dates is a wonderful thing. Just make sure you aren’t picking up all the tabs, or your savings account could take a real hit.


The spotlight is on you, Scorpio. Mercury is working its way through your sign, meaning you’ll likely be the recipient of extra romantic attention. But please, please keep in mind that this is not the time to make any upgrades to your appearance — retrograde can turn a haircut or tattoo appointment into a regrettable experience. Just lead with your natural appeal there’s really not much you need to do, because your confidence speaks volumes.


Sure, your breakup might have only happened a few months ago, but what are you actually still holding on to? Retrograde is here to serve up lessons on letting go. The next few weeks are the perfect time to work through any emotions and behaviors that no longer serve you so you can turn to a fresh chapter in your dating life.


Calling all Capricorns: The internet has your back. Retrograde season highlights the importance of nurturing your social circle, online and off, making this the perfect time to hop back on Tinder and pick up where you left off. You might even restart a conversation with an old match. Keep your portable charger on you at all times for the next few weeks.


Betty and Jughead, anyone? During retrograde season you’re channeling serious power-couple vibes. As you look for someone who will add significance to your life, status, work ethic, and a good reputation all catch your eye. Your perfect match will need to be a force of nature.


If you find yourself reminiscing about all the epic, Instagram-able vacations you’ve taken, blame this retrograde. It’s never too late to book a ticket traveling with a new-ish flame who’s not afraid to use their PTO will really make your heart flutter. Just make sure to double-check your booking information twice.