It’s a commonly held belief that we are our own harshest critics. Of course, those who believe that have never met their Tinder dates’ friends. Look, it’s tough out there, and one pair of eyes just isn’t enough these days. So when the moment comes to win over your date’s friends, you need to have a foolproof and friend-proof system in place. I asked 10 of my matches how they do it.

1. Stick to the tried ’n true.

Tipsy friends are happy friends so, yeah, this should work.

2. You shall be judged.

Unless of course you’re on a date with my bestie. Then, you will be endlessly and harshly judged, and if you have a problem with it, you’ll be judged further.

3. “Ooh nah nah, what’s [their] name?”

Easier said than done considering nine times out of 10, I forget a new person’s name before they finish saying it.

4. Honesty is the best policy.

That’s true, unless it means sharing halfway through the hangout you’re crushing more on your date’s friend than on your date.

5. Be a romantic Carmen Sandiego.

This is a big risk, but if you pull off finding a sweet spot, more power to you.  

6. What kind of hug?

Side? Bear? I need answers!

7. The more the merrier.

There better be snacks.

8. Sweet dreams, bro.

Considering these friends are humans, not polar bears, I kind of doubt this weird flex will work.

9. Turn the tables.

This is actually a super sly move, because if my friends are anything but effusive about my beauty, I’ll be fighting with them and not you.

10. Let Aquaman save the day (or at least, the date).

Snacks, liquor, and Jason Momoa? No date could do better — except if they were Jason Momoa. No offense.