To Larry David, Our Dearest Love,

Thanks to the Year in Swipe®, we know that the Tinder community is just as obsessed with you as we are. You took the number-two spot for most talked about celebrities in Tinder bios, and ended up taking a piece of our hearts. No surprise there, we’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time.

Your cul-de-sac hairstyle gives us visions of a brighter future where the glass isn’t half empty, but half full — just like your head of hair. From your tall, robust physique to your fashionable blazers over tees, there’s never been a more universal match than you, LD.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that our love for you has quickly grown into an obsession — you are always on our mind. What would Larry David do with a third first name? We wonder. When’s the last time Larry had a wild week in Ibiza? Our obsession is a powerful thirst that can only be quenched by giving you a third first name and sending you and Ted Danson on a bros’ trip to Ibiza.

You may be number two in bios, but you’ll always be number one to us…and probably Ted Danson.

Te amo, Larry David. Te amo.