Picture this: You’ve just matched with someone on Tinder. Their profile: smoking. Their opening line: perfection. The banter: witty. You two are grooving harder than your mom dancing to “Earth, Wind, and Fire” at a bar mitzvah. You have a good feeling about things. And then, for some reason or another, it goes stale. Like bread-that’s-been-left-out-for-a-month stale. Maybe you forgot to answer them and then it seemed too late to do so, or maybe you’re still stumped on how to respond to their last message. Either way, you know you need this person in your life, and the only way to make that happen is to put on your big-person pants and reach back out. 

These 11 lines won’t make it weird and the person will likely be super flattered. And if not? You can just send these to a first-time flame.

1. In case you never got a chance to ask for this: [your number]

2. Yes, I know this is the equivalent of a double-text. So yeah, hey, what’s up?

3. Hey, I think you forgot to ask me out. Just wanted to graciously give you the opportunity now.

4. [Random emoji] Oops, butt dial. But while I’m here, hey, stranger. 

5. Based on our past messages, you seem like a reasonable person. My friend and I are currently debating whether it’s necessary to wash your legs in the shower, and we need a tiebreaker.

6. So I’m just reaching back out because I think we should go out. Questions/comments/concerns?

7. Shooting my shot (again).

8. I’m awkward and don’t know how to do this in a non-awkward way. So would you help me out and say something to make me feel (a little) less awkward?

9. I need to confirm that it was a good idea to reach back out. Answer this for me: dogs or cats?

10. How long have you been waiting for me to message you again?

11. This is so us. You waiting for me to come to you. Fine, you win.