I truly pity the people who didn’t grow up knowing the joy of tagging the person they’re dating in a meme. Oh, our poor parents — every act of affection had to be done in person (ew!) using one of the five love languages. For the uninitiated, these are basically five different ways to express and experience the L word, as defined in a bestselling book published way back in 1995.

Lucky for us, we have our phones 24/7, and social media, like it or not, rules our lives, especially when it comes to dating and how we interact with the people we love — or at least kind of like. And just like your iOS needs updating every so often, so do the languages of love. Here’s how we’re expressing our affection in 140 characters or less.

Words of affirmation →
Commenting the flame emoji on your partner’s selfie
An picture emoji is worth 1,000 words.

Receiving gifts →
Getting a DM from your crush
Seeing the little “1” on the top right hand corner of your Instagram app and opening it to reveal a witty message is 100 percent better than going through the physical labor of unwrapping a present.

Acts of service →
Promoting your partner’s new dogs-in-hats account on your page
You can do your own dishes, but having someone spread the word about the canines in caps empire you’re trying to build is 1. free advertising and 2. A clear symbol of love and support.

Quality time →
Having a Snapstreak
You know what’s annoying? Having to spend every waking hour of every day with someone. Leave it to technology to improve such an archaic practice. Now you can see someone’s face from the comfort of your own bed with a daily Snap.

Physical touch →
Posting a video of you two walking hand in hand to your story
If your partner touches you in public and you don’t post it to social media, did it ever really happen in the first place? It was a mirage if your 400 followers didn’t see it.