There are some things in life that just go together: Guy Fieri and frosted tips, being on a cleanse and telling everyone about it, and style and Jonah Hill. He’s a streetwear superhero, a chill clothing connoisseur, and our sweet prince of fashion swag. So, without further ado, I present you with five first date ‘fits to steal from the icon himself.

1. Dress in one color from head-to-toenail.

Go ahead, be a monochromatic QT. Jonah participated in the trend like a flawless, navy blue angel. See how he plays with different textures and shades? And how the red accent stripe really makes his eyes pop? Don’t be afraid to try out a different option from ROYGBIV and beyond. Do all beige if your aesthetic is bandaid chic. Try all yellow to resurrect your inner Big Bird. Heck, show up in all purple to channel Willy Wonka realness.

2. Wear an attention-grabbing tee!

Show your date you’re the life of the party but also still, like, ~so chill~ with a vintage shirt that has an obscure saying on it! Make sure to pair with some loose fitting pants. But no belt, belts are too try hard and we want to look like we put minimal effort into our lewk. Oh, and don’t forget about the ankles — the fashion king polishes the relaxed ensemble with a double roll and a sleek slip-on sneak. It’s the little things.

3. Throw on a lil’ statement piece!

This one really blew me away. So simple, yet so stylish. Take one layer off, and it’s nothing more than what any dad in a ’90s sitcom would wear. But get yourself a funky jacket and voila! You’ll have style comin’ out the wazoo. I mean, the pattern, the cut, the material!! That is the coziest piece of outerwear I’ve ever seen and no one can convince me otherwise. The next time I need to be swaddled, I’d like it to be with this coat, thx. 

4. Play with different styles!

If I had a vision board this would be the only photo on it. When I grab my morning caffeine, I look like garbage. When Jonah does it, he looks cool. Take notes and experiment with a little length, eh? Wear a long sleeve tee with a pair of athletic shorts and booties or an obsidian trench coat! The world is your oyster! Walk in with some iced coffee as your accessory if you’re feelin’ real carefree. I also would be remiss if I didn’t add how the sweatshirt/camel jacket combo shrieks off-duty model. Kendall Jenner wishes she could pull this off. 

5. Wear a fun ‘n flirty short sleeve button down!

Show off your cool side with something like this little number. If you don’t have any you can either cut the sleeves off of a long sleeved version or buy one with all of your monies! This look says to me, “I bowl and am also in a barbershop quartet,” which are the only shirt requirements you ever need, IMHO. If the trend maestro isn’t afraid to rock a different kinda top, you shouldn’t be either. And have some fun with how many buttons you leave undone, while you’re at it. Button it all the way to the top for a more conservative vibe or just button the one in the middle for a surprise every time there’s a breeze!